Thursday, August 16, 2007

I iz not ded...

I've been working and doing *gag* back to school shopping. Oh joy. My 6th grade son isn't too much of a problem. He hates to shop as much as I do, so we get it over with as quickly as possible. My oldest son doesn't get anything. He won't go shopping with me AT ALL and I won't just hand him my credit cards. As if. I occasionally will pick him up something if I'm out and think he could use it. But he's going to be 21 and a junior in college, I figure he's a big boy now and can buy his own damn stuff.

Now my two daughters? Well, the oldest one is also going to be 21 and a junior in college. But she's spending this next semester studying abroad in Rome and the Vatican. So, no sloppy American flip-flops and jeans. She has to DRESS! Now, she HAS been using her own money quite often to shop, but I can't seem to convince her to just buy a basic wardrobe. She's going to the fashion capital of the world and will no doubt see WAY more things things she wants over there. Not to mention all the weekend trips to other Italian cities and London, Paris, Ireland and Greece during the four months she'll be over there.

My other daughter just turned 15- which, if you've ever had a daughter that age, says it all. I would rather carve my brain out with a spork than go shopping with her. Seriously, it is a living hell on Earth. And, after back to school shopping is over, we'll start the Homecoming Dress shopping. This is so not fun anymore.

And I still have the mile long school supplies list to buy yet. Oh, and I must make a trip to the evil Wally World to get socks, undies, gym pants for everyone.

Not to mention soccer season has started for my youngest son. And we get to add football games (JV AND varsity) to the 15 yr old cheerleader's already full practice schedule.

I still don't understand why it's not cool to read a book while attending your kids' sporting events. Go figure.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

The only redeeming grace to all this shopping is that I got to stop at Walden's last night. The kids all know that's the price they pay for going to the mall with me. My kids are embarassed because, when I walk in there, I get the Cliff from Cheers treatment: "BEV!" The kids tell me it's a sign that I just might be in there too much. Cretins.

But did you SEE what happened to my Soon to be Savored/TBR list?! I didn't even get the last batch of books read and now it's out of control again.

Oh, I can hear you out there snickering "You call THAT a TBR list? You should see MY TBR mountain!" But what you may not realize is that the list here on my blog is just the RECENT additions. Nothing before I started this blog last February made it on here. I have a corner of our bedroom devoted to my OWN TBR mountain.

And that Soon to be Savored list doesn't include the two super secret ARCs I received today from my new super secret BFF! More on that super secret project another day.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Be sure and head over to The Good, The Bad, and the Unread. All the authors from The Immortals series, Jennifer Ashley, Robin Popp, and Joy Nash, are answering questions over there. I've got book 3, The Awakening (Joy's book), here calling to me and I just can't find time to read it or any other book lately. GAK! I had a lot of fun spoofing the first two books in my commentary, but the fact is that this series is ADDICTIVE!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

A quick reminder that, if you haven't read Jaci Burton's Surviving Demon Island yet, you'd best get to it- that book landed in my Lava Cake category! The sequel, Hunting the Demon, will be released on August 28. *insert ebil tease because I have an ARC and have read it* Since it picks up the storyline that started with the surprise twist at the end of SDI, the reviews for HtD WILL spoil SDI for you. So rush out to get it and don't read any HtD reviews until you're done. BTW, Jaci is no longer the author of book 3 of this series because the inmates have taken over the asylum.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Remember a few days ago I posted a commentary about Second Time Around, an extraordinary book by Bobby Michaels for Loose-Id? You may have noticed that I posted an update at the bottom of that post...
"Since 1999, Bobby has been posting stories and novels as RimPig on His RimPig Yahoo Group now has over 3,000 members worldwide. Be warned, though, that his RimPig stories are not for the feint of heart. I'm talking no-limits erotica, so keep that in mind. "

Well, the other night, I wandered on over to just to see what it was like, you understand. And, HOLY BUTTSECKS, BATGIRL!!
So THAT's how he got the name RimPig!! But I have to say that even if Bobby's subject matter ends up not being a trigger tripper for you, there is no denying that Bobby Michaels is one helluva good storyteller!

Now, before that fateful visit to, I was a sweet, naive, suburban Ohio soccer Mom. So aft... WHAT?!... Did you just SNORT?!... It is NOT a load of bullshit!... It's called dramatic license, okay?... Now be quiet so I can finish telling you how Bobby's book changed my life... GEESH!

Anyway, after I roamed through some of Bobby's stories, I kind of randomly selected stories from different authors in different categories. So the rest of the night went something like this...

Hmmmm... wonder what this one is about? HOLYMOTHERFUCKINGSHITDAYUM!!!

And you know what? I LIKED it... a LOT! My life may never be the same. In fact, by the time I called it a night, I was as addicted to the high from the lust buzz as any junkie from a narcotic!! Or maybe I just felt high cause I hyperventilated from all the panting.

Look, this is INDEED hard core kink. The site is for adults over 18 only, but I'm thinking maybe no one under 35 should be allowed to read these!

And, n-o-o-o-o, I will NOT be posting any commentaries about individual stories. I'll just be keeping my newly discovered kink fantasies to myself, thank you very much.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Hell, I didn't even share them with my husb... wait, let me re-phrase that... I didn't TELL my husband about the stories. Technically, I guess you could say I did SHARE them with him...

"Hey Honey? You awake?"


Chantal said...

You are SO LUCKY that you get ARCs. No body likes me that much *sob*

I can't stand shopping. I am only happy buying books. The rest of it I leave up to my husband. He actually likes to do it.

QB said...

Your husband LIKES to shop?! Holy Shit! Can you give me the number of the brainwashing center you sent him to?

I really haven't received that many ARCs so I totally squee over each and every one. I feel like I should build a shrine in my house just for the ones I DO get. That's completely reasonable and not over the top, right?

Babz said...

Sweet and naive?



My TBR list are all ebooks, and it's.. 2GB worth. I told you I was packing to go home, right, and all my books I posted back, because I have enough to last me a few months in my laptop. Now I'm kinda worried any of my boxes are not gonna reach me - WHAT IF I LOSE ANY OF MY BOOKS??

Well I can understand your kid's embarassment to you reading books with OMGMANTITTYCOVERS. Lol.

You have to tell me which stories to read in that nifty site. I can never navigate myself in those sites.

Jade said...

LOL QB glad you is okay. I know what your saying about Nifty. I've spent some time over there myself. That place is like 3 steps above naughty it is still a step above plain old dirty fun. I'm not sure about the name for the catagory it's in but porn just doesn't seem to cut it either. LOL I liked it too.
Sounds like an amamzing oppertunity for your oldest daughter. I've ALWAYS wanted to got to Italy. She's a lucky girl. And my fifteen year old sister is staying with me so I know what you mean about that age.

sybil said...

So does your family use your computer? Cuz if so... your secret is soooo prolly out *g*

Have fun shopping. I have Jaci's book (and an ARC) haven't read it yet though.

QB said...

Babz, I can usually control my ebook shopping. It's the print books that are only in the store for a short time. I'd be worried sick too if all my print books were off unreachable in boxes! *shudders*

Jade, as a parent, I'm all kinds of proud that we can give our DD this opportunity. But also as a parent, I feel like the umbilical chord is being cut with an ax!

BTW, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has got their kink on over at Nifty! Babz, you're on your own- ya gotta find your own kink over there!

Sybil, here's the rule at my house... touch Mom's desktop or laptop and you die. Period. No reprieve, no 2nd chance. I brought them into this world and I WILL take them out.

Holly said...

So, I followed the yellow link road over from Chantal's and wow, I haven't laughed so much in ages!

Fabulous little icons and pictures.

And my curiosity is all spiking up over these nifty stories. I'll be checking that out for sure.

QB said...

Hi Holly! Welcome!

If you do head over to Nifty, just never let it be said that I didn't warn you! LOL!

Aradia said...

Dear QB,
Thank you! I hadn’t laughed so hard in a long time! Loved your cat pictures too! Very funny! As for the Nifty, I think I pass; I’m not over 35 and am pretty innocent! LOL

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

thanks for the Jaci reminder - i need to finish that book and get my review up! eeep! Totally swiping that WTF cat pic. Lila-doll has been sending me googy cat photos with captions for months - now i finally have one to throw back at her. THANKS! xxxRhi

Ann Aguirre said...

Heh, too funny.

QB said...

Hey Aradia! You're INNOCENT?! And you're reading THIS blog?! LOL!

Rhi, those damn LOLcat pics are ADDICTING, aren't they?

Annie! Welcome back!