Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Now THIS is news...

... worth blogging about!

Moyer-TrammellAccording to's Michael Ausiello, in the upcoming season of HBO's True Blood, Bill (Stephen Moyer, left) and Sam (Sam Trammell, right) "will forge 'not just any connection, [but] an erotic connection.'”

My bet is that, like Sookie with Eric (so far), it won't go any further than Sam having erotic dreams of Bill because he drank Bill's blood. But BOO-YAH!

NOOOOThe only thing hotter would be me and Eric steaming up the sheets. Okay, so that would undoubtedly not be hotter for any of YOU, in fact, you'd probably castrate, sew-it-up, or otherwise personally mame yourself into permanent celibacy. But hey, I'm a fashionista in Charlaine Harris' fictional world (Dead and Gone), so I could always declare myself to be fictionally HOT too, right?

shaddupOh, btw, I've had to turn comment moderation on because I have a couple of persistant spammers/asswipes who have discovered this blog. What a fruitless waste of time. Get a life cuz I ain't clicking on, buyin' from, or friendin' the likes of you scumquats.