Friday, January 16, 2009

Inflatable Nookie

Lest you are under the mistaken impression that I am the only bawd in the family, LissaNY sent this to me this morning along with another pic I'll be sharing later.

This Durex condom commercial is BEYOND perverted and funny. Probably NOT work or kid safe. Be sure to turn your speakers on because the sound effects add to the hilarity.

More Sookie 411

From Entertainment Weekly [Emphasis added by me]

Jan. 6, 2009

Question: We all know that Lafayette was the best character in Season One of True Blood. How can we make sure Alan Ball brings him back next season? -- Brody
Ausiello: Well, as Ball himself recently reminded me, "Lafayette did die in the books." But, he adds, "That doesn't mean he won't be back. Anything's possible." [OOOOO, Lafayette as a vamp maybe?!]

MaryannQuestion: What's the deal with Michelle Forbes' character on True Blood? Is she Tara's Demon? How does Sam know her? -- Marcy
Ausiello: The mystery surrounding who (or what) Maryann is will play out front and center in season 2 -- and you may not find many clues in the books. "She's definitely a new kind of supernatural creature in Bon Temps," teases Ball. And as new as "it" is, it's also old. "Ancient. Ancient," Ball stresses. In other words, not a Cylon. BTW, production on True Blood's second season begins this week! [See below for more on Maryann]

Jan 9, 2009
In 2009, Werewolves Answer Hollywood's Call of the Wild
The furry beasts are popping up everywhere, including the upcoming Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, New Moon, and more

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By Tanner Stransky
Take a gander at the big screen this year because you're likely to spy a full moon — and we aren't talking about Will Ferrell's bare butt. If 2008 marked a comeback for the vampire, the next 12 months belong to the werewolf. On Jan. 23, Underworld: Rise of the Lycans showcases the woolly beasts, while a furrier-than-usual Hugh Jackman returns in X-Men Origins: Wolverine (May 1). Later this year, Benicio Del Toro stars in The Wolfman (Nov. 6), and in the Nov. 20 Twilight sequel New Moon, heroine Bella moons over werewolf Jacob. TV loves a lupine too: Fox just ordered the ludicrously titled dramedy pilot Bitchesabout a quartet of female werewolf friends in New York City [not sure about that one- works for Shelly Laurenston though]. — and it's rumored that season 2 of HBO's True Blood will get hairy. So what's with the comeback? ''The last time this happened was World War II,'' notes Brad Steiger, author of The Werewolf Book. ''It's reflective. We want to worry about something that can get us besides bailouts. I'm eager to see [these projects]. Benicio, God bless him, looks like a werewolf without the makeup.'' [HAHA! That's the exact thought I had]

Jan 14, 2009
Ashley Jones-Daphne
Question: Thanks for telling us that True Blood started shooting its second season last week, but could you tell me when the episodes will start airing? -- Katie
SamAusiello: This summer, which means season 2 will air roughly eight months after the conclusion of season 1 -- a lightning fast turnaround by cable standards. "Alan Ball is a very fast writer," explains an HBO source. In other True Blood news, I caught up with Sam Trammell (Sam) at the Globes and he teased that his new love interest ([Daphne] played by The Bold and The Beautiful's Ashley Jones- Dec 16, 2008) is up to no good. "I don't know the whole storyline, but I've read the first three episodes, and it's going to be really twisted and dark and exciting. She's got some serious secrets and questionable intentions

January 16, 2009
Buzz up!More
By Michael Ausiello

Killer True Blood spoilers!
Season 2 of HBO's fangtastic True Blood doesn't bow until summer, but I've already got intel from series creator Alan Ball. Fancy a bite?

Deborah Ann Woll as JessicaBill and SookieThree's Company: Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Bill (Stephen Moyer) will wing it to Dallas, where they'll assist the local bloodsuckers in locating their MIA sheriff. But the couple's bigger problem may be their new third wheel, the irritating Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll). ''She's part of their life now,'' says Ball. ''Bill made her; he's responsible for her.'' [By the time they got to Dallas in the books, Sookie and Eric's teasing relationship had begun and was in full bloom by the end of that book. I hope they develop Eric's character further than they did last season.]

Diff'rent Strokes: The question of who — or what — Maryann (Michelle Forbes) is will play out, and the answer doesn't lie in Charlaine Harris' books. ''She's a new kind of supernatural creature.'' [Hmmm... so not what we all assumed. But in the books, the direct result of her (or what we thought was her) attack on Sookie is the growing friendship between Sookie and Eric and Pam.]

Dead Like Me: ''I can't tell you if Lafayette [played by Nelsan Ellis] will be back,'' says Ball, adding ominously, ''He did die in the books.'' He will reveal that Lois Smith's Gran returns in flashbacks.

Anna Camp as SarahJasonHighway to Heaven: Sookie's sex-obsessed bro, Jason (Ryan Kwanten), will get mixed up with the nefarious Fellowship of the Sun. ''He realizes something's missing in his life,'' says Ball. Aside from his pants? [My guess is that Jason and "series-regular role of Sarah, the hot-to-trot wife of Steve Newlin (aka the Fellowship of the Sun's big kahuna- Dec 16, 2008)" will be spending some "quality" time together.]

Interesting. It sounds like Ball will be switching things up so that, while the basic premise of the books is there, no one can quite be sure where he'll veer off on his own with the characters and/or storylines. Familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's Poppin'- Part I

I've been spending way to much time following all the different Engadget blogs as they cover CES. I shouldn't admit this, but I'm such a gadget nerd that I've got Engadget, Engadget HD, Engadget CES Headlines, CEA Digital Dialogue, and International CES Headlines in my Google Reader (I'm link lazy- just hit that main Engadget link and you'll stumble upon the others). I don't understand how 90% of it works, but new electronic shinies fill me with technolust.

However, this little gem falls into the "What Were They Thinking?!" category:

Engadget found a kinetic charger at CES. It looks pretty innocuous until you watch the video of this device in action. I dare you to watch it without snickering, if not out-right cackling. Feel free to write your own captions. WARNING: do not attempt to drink beverages while watching.

Really, if they would just create a hollowed out version of that thing, we'd have a natural and permanent end to worldwide power shortages.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Speaking of gadgets, I LOVE looking at HP mini's Vivienne Tam edition. I really have no use for one, but it hasn't stopped me from salivating over it for months now. Last week Geardiary posted some hands-on pictures that are the equivalent of technoporn. Too bad that matching Vivienne Tam mouse costs extra.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

All of Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire (Sookie Stackhouse) books are now available in downloadable audio book form from Audible. I now have all but the first one, and only because that first one, Dead Until Dark, is always so expensive. What's up with the outrageous price on that one, Audible? It's totally out of line with the others!

TITLE Book CoverOddly enough I only had a couple of them in print so over the holidays, when Amazon ran a Gold-Box special on the boxed set of the first 7 books, I jumped on it. At only $30.29 that worked out to only $4.32 per book! I've already got the first one in the original cover, but the boxed set came with the True Blood cover.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

ATTENTION, Please: Author Jules Jones is offering her entire Syndicate series as FREE downloads on her site. This series was one of my earliest M/M fascinations and cemented Jules in my mind as one of the best creators of memorable characters around. Go get it and read it NOW!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

TITLE Book CoverYou know I don't read too many ebooks anymore because my poor old eyes just can no longer handle reading from any of my computers or my PDA screen. So, I have to be pretty damn sure a book is worth the eye strain before I consider reading it in ebook format.

Well, thanks to azteclady and Ann Aguirre, I have an early review copy of Blue Diablo, Corine Solomon book 1 (April 7, 2009 Roc print release). I can't tell you how much I've been looking forward to this book. Feel free to express your extreme jealousy. Stay tuned to Ann's blog because she's got some creative plans in the works for the days leading up to Blue Diablo's release. In the meantime, here's an excerpt.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

ASTAK... Epic Fail


ASTAK is finally, FINALLY taking orders for one of the versions of it's long promised EZ Readers.

Okay, technically it's not even theirs-- they "Americanized" a Hanlin V3 instead of releasing their own reader as announced a year ago (5" promised August 2008, 6" promised November 2008).

I'll be damned if I can recreate how I did this, but somehow clicking on the EZ Reader on Astak's site took me to Mobiebook where they are selling both the Astak EZ Reader and ebooks. Oh wait, here's how: instead of clicking on the EZ Reader sidebar button on Astak's main site, click on the words "take a deep breath and you can almost smell" under the News & Events/CES sidebar button. But do NOT click on the word "more" because it will blow out (at least in IE7), so make sure to click on the sentence. NOW you can click on the EZ Reader sidebar button. At this point you will either see side by side sales offers for the EZ Reader OR you will be re-directed to Mobiebook. I've gotten both. Or you could just go straight to Mobiebook and stay the hell away from Astak's screwed up site.

Holy Platters of Fail, Astak... did you test your eReader as well as you tested your website?

And from there the fail only gets worse.

Here's the front and center caveat on the Mobiebook home page that is worthy of a Jay Leno Headlines segment:
All eBooks on this website are powered by Mobipocket eBooks common library and you can read it on your PC, but not on the EZ reader. EZ reader supports NON DRM ebooks currently. We are working hard on DRM version format and EZ reader user can update firmware from this website when it is done

*blinkblink* Yes, you read that right. Buy the EZ Reader there, buy the ebooks there, but read the ebooks on your PC because they won't work on the eReader! OMGWTFBBQ?!

After a year of announcements and empty promises, THAT's what ASTAK finally offers?


Friday, January 2, 2009

SOLVED: Man Candy Mysteries- Episode II

MYSTERY SOLVED (see below)

Do you know this man? (click for a larger pic) His identity remains a mystery and we would like to find found more photos of this stunningly gorgeous vision.

If you'd like to join or aid our quest, post this pic on your own site. Think of this as a voluntary meme for a good cause. [FYI: the idiots at Photobucket do not like him]

If you post this meme, post the link in the comments and I'll add your link here. And if you get an answer, feel free to announce it on your own blog, but please comment here or at MB(Leah)'s place to let us know.

Now, here's how this all started:

Madame Butterfly [MB(Leah)] was innocently out searching Google for something completely unrelated to man candy [No, I did NOT just roll my eyes] and came across this interesting MySpace page which contained a picture of our mystery man. She then used his pic at the end of her New Year's post-- I *think* there were words in the post, but once I laid eyes on tall, dark and gorgeous here, any thoughts I had melted right out of my brain.

So can we solve another Man Candy Mystery? Can we find out his name or find more photos of him?

UPDATE: WOOT! Perv Powers Activated! Our Man Candy Virtual Milk Carton has expanded its distribution to include:

Eyre32 - Who is This Mystery Hottie?

Big KissSOLVED: Chris, Lead Hunkologist at Hunk du Jour immediately recognized our dangerous beauty- he's Romanian model Andrei Andrei!

WOOT! Chris linked to him at MostBeautifulMan which, ironically, shows a picture of him that I already have in the same Eye_Candy/Faces folder as this more recent pic! He looks so much more dangerous and brooding in the later pic! But a quick Google Image search verified that, yep, Mr. Manolicious IS Andrei! Check out his site and his blog- you won't believe how different he looks with short hair in the most recent pics.

I don't know why I didn't think to just email Chris to begin with. I mean really, a gay man candy site that claims to be Mom-friendly because his Mom really DOES stop by every day? C'mon, any wonder why this pervy ol' broad lurks over there? Ah, geez, speaking of OLD, I just noticed that Andrei was born the same year that I got married. ::is depressed::

Oh, and sorry, Wave, you didn't even get a chance to post your Man Candy Milk Carton yet but, what the hell, he's worth looking at anyway, right?.