Thursday, May 3, 2007

Author Jules Jones

Over on Lora's board today, Jade asked if anyone had read any of Jules Jones books. Well, by the time I finished typing my response, I realized that I had a pretty good start on a Cubie's Commentary! It's odd that I never thought to post here about her before since I know I've previously posted recommendations about her on Mrs. Giggles and Smart Bitches.

I've read a few of Jules Jones books from Loose-Id and thoroughly enjoyed them. On their own, I'd probably categorize the stories as M&Ms or Peanut M&Ms, but because her muse magically breathes warmth and humor and quirks and LIFE into her memorable characters, I've placed the Jules Jones books I've read so far into my Lava Cake category. (see sidebar for what these Flavours of Love categories mean)

I adored her Syndicate series (with Alex Woolgrave). I seldom care for futuristic sci-fi, but this spaceship is loaded with colorful, eccentric characters and the sex scenes are playful yet smokin'. You won't soon forget these quirky people!

Her Spindrift series is beautifully written. Again, you'll enjoy getting to know her characters. It's about a writer living in a fishing village who is allowed in on the villagers' closely guarded secret- silkies- and falls in love with one of them.

Her story in the anthology A Kiss at Midnight, First Footer, is about First Contact with an alien race. But, again, it serves to showcase Jules' ability to create memorable, UNIQUE characters.

Jules Jones is one helluva writer. I think her preference for writing M/M is the only reason she's not more well known. But she does it so well, I'm glad she hasn't allowed her wallet to direct her muse. So the next time you're over on Loose-Id, be sure to check her out. Her first two books in The Syndicate have also been combined into print.

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