Friday, January 18, 2008

The Morning-After Glow...

Photobucket... yep, still have it. Of course that's also because, as soon as my demon spawn #3 and #4 kids were loaded onto the school bus this morning, I did it two more times.

(For those of you that don't have a clue what I'm swooning about, go here and read through the comments.)

ADDED: Aw, hell, read the comments for this post while you're at it. Gail has also succumbed to the lure of THE VOICE now. BWHAHAHAHA, I'm beginning to feel like a crack dealer, only I use my powers for good instead of evil (most of the time... some of the time... occasionally... okay, so I'm EBIL! There, I admit it!)

But I DO think Gail may be right,

"Be assured, Adam Black tis the one called Phil Gigante. I am convinced of it."
Now that would explain a LOT, wouldn't it?!


Gail said...

I'm sooooo getting some of what she has!

Paint me rabidfangirl of Phil. Is there a support group?

QB said...
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QB said...

(grrr, 2nd try- Blogger needs an edit comments function)

LMAO Gail! Brilliance Audio has samples up at AudioBookStand. Unfortunately, they start off by giving a blurb for the books, which means less Phil time, but you at least get to hear a bit of him.

(Phil, are you getting a kick out of this rabid fangirl stuff or is it weirding you out? I hope your wife is laughing about it and takes it in the spirit of fun)

I've already got my preorder for "Kiss" in at Borders, although it's weird that it's releasing on a Sunday. I'm just waiting for the call telling me it's in so I can run down there. Of course then I have to ration it out until "Dark Highlander" releases in May. I'll never make it that far. *headdesk*

QB said...

Damn, evidently my brain has ceased functioning-- my clickable linkies aren't working even though they show in the preview correctly.

Anyway, Gail, here's the linkie for the Highlander Audio samples--

QB said...


I meant MARCH! Dark Highlander releases in MARCH. Immortal Highlander releases in May.

I think I should go back to bed and start the day over. Or maybe just hide there. My husband is dragging me to the grocery store for a "date" today. It's the only way he can convince me to go to my "Happy Place". I HATE grocery shopping!

Gail said...

I curse you lass. Now I am captured in the silken web of hearing his voice. And no think ye I am not a wee bit fashed over your personal message from the black hearted one. Be assured, Adam Black tis the one called Phil Gigante. I am convinced of it.

QB said...

BWHAHAHAHAHA I seriously just busted out loud with laughter, Gail. Too funny and now you've got me wondering if maybe you're on to something-- Adam Black's voice DOES have the power to mesmerize mortals, does it not?!

BTW, have you heard Phil's Adam Black voice yet? So perfect for our sezzy fae troublemaker!

Gail said...

I was in the book store and there was only one Karen Marie Moning with a big blank space beside it. I knew others had been there before me!! I snatched up Beyond The Highland Mist. I've read the book several times but I still wasn't ready for THE VOICE. Dayammmmmm! Now I MUST hear the MacKelter books!!!

And Phil, if you're reading, You are a very talented guy. I was gonna say all sorts of naughty things but I thought better of it. However, you have inspired me with an amazing idea for a book. I'm not even promising to change your first name in it. Humph!

QB said...

OOOO, OOOO, me wanna read THAT one! LMAO!