Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Remodel has Reached the Demolition Phase

Well, if you look over to the right hand column, you'll see that I've added a button to go to my Index by Author... WOOT!!


What a tedious pain in the ass THAT was to create! I've still got some tweaking and fussing to do on it, but it is now officially in business. I added author website links to it, and links to Amazon searches/sorts by publication date so I could easily find new and upcoming releases. For ePubs, I linked to the author page at each ePub. I have Fictionwise links in there too, but unfortunately, Fictionwise doesn't have linkable searches so I'll have to recreate the search each time I check there.

Now to tackle THIS page. I have to go through each post and delete all the "Pâtissier:" tags since the index replaces them and that lengthy list was the main reason I wanted to create the index. Then I think I'm going to add a "Flavor:" tag to the commentary posts only. Flavor: historical, Flavor: urban_fantasy, etc. I just wish Blogger didn't have that 196 character total tag limit because a lot of books actually fall into more than one Flavor, but I will quickly run out of tag room in each post (like I did with Pâtissiers) if I assign more than one flavor to each book.

Oh well, I guess I'll just dive in and see how it goes. Anyway, this blog is going to get wonky for a while as I gradually replace those tags. In fact, that tag list is going to get much worse before it gets better!

But, hopefully, it will all be worth it when I have a blog that allows me to easily keep track of books again. Damn, I sure have let this thing get away from me until it's now too cumbersome to use.

ADDED: Okay, done. I did some tweaking of the other tags too. Bless Blogger for global label changes.

I'm not so sure I like the Flavor tags. There's just too damn many of them. And I STILL ran over the character limit when assigning those tags to some of the multi-book posts. I think I'll live with it a while and then decide. I can always do a global remove to get rid of them later.


Madame Butterfly said...

You did a great job! I love the new button. So easy to find your reviews. I had a hard time figuring out your other system and now I can get down to reading your older reviews.

QB said...

LOL. Here's the thing with my commentary categories-- I've always grouped books together into tiers like that in my head. So, when I created this blog, all I did was assign confection names to each grouping.

But, in order to get all the different tag groupings to sort together over on the sidebar, I had to give them group prefixes. Well, for authors, I used Pâtissiers: and eventually, instead of keeping the sidebar orderly, that long Pâtissiers: tag grouping just made things even more jumbled over there.

That's why I'm not sure if I'm keeping the Flavors:-- I'm not sure I want so many tags over there now.

And, btw, all that makes perfect, logical sense in my head. ;-p