Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mona Lisa Craving by Sunny

Book CoverMona Lisa Craving by Sunny
Fiction novel published 02 Jan 2008 by Berkley Trade

1. Mona Lisa Awakening (see previous commentary)
2. Mona Lisa Three - Over the Moon anthology (see previous commentary)
3. Mona Lisa Blossoming (see previous commentary)
4. Mona Lisa Betwining - On the Prowl anthology (see previous commentary)
5. Mona Lisa Craving

Category: M&Ms - a bit lighter and/or not quite as satisfying as Peanut M&Ms, but still Oh-So-Enjoyable! (B,B-,C+,C)
Flame Height: 4.5" out of 9"

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jade_kristen said...

Ahhhhh I look forward to this QB. lol still don't understand why you persist in the self torture thing but damn it's funny! I'm heading over to read your post now.

QB said...

heh-heh... Enjoy, Jade!

And if you check the comments over there, you'll see the reason I make this sacrifice. *g*