Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Book CoverYep, yep, I KNOW! The Dark Highlander is not due to be released in unabridged audio until March 20th, but Barnes & Noble online is selling it now with expedited shipping for the same price as standard. WOOT! Okay, so I paid a wee bit more than I would have if I'd bought it at Borders with a 30% off coupon, but I.Don't.Care. I've been desperately clinging to the last bits of Kiss of the Highlander and now I can float away with the HEA cuz I've got more Phil G. right here waitin' for me. Life is good.

Book Cover I also scored even more thanks to Ann Aguirre/ Annie Dean. Annie has a Yahoo group (soon to be replaced by her message board) and every month the members name their favorite book they've read for that month. Ann randomly picks one name and that person can pick any book mentioned from any author during the month and she will have it shipped straight from Amazon to the winner. Well, I was the lucky duck whose name was picked for February! WOOT!

My book pick was a no brainer since it's already on my Constant Cravings list-- Grimspace by Ann Aguirre!! You know, I usually don't care much for sci-fi, but I love Ann's characters and have been sooo curious to read Grimspace to see if she can turn me into a sci-fi fan. The reviews for Grimspace have been awesome-- even from other non-sci-fi fans! It sounds like it could be described as urban fantasy romance in space. Thanks Annie!

Ah well, back to work. End of month/ beginning of month, plus our CPA called to light a fire under me to get our personal tax mess down to him. BLECH!


Ann Aguirre said...

"It sounds like it could be described as urban fantasy romance in space."

Pretty much, yep. For reader purposes, if they can stomach UF, I don't know why they wouldn't enjoy Grimspace. The tech aspects are certainly secondary to character arc.

Kris said...

I cannot wait to read this one as well. it is sitting by my bed waiting for me to finish one of the two books I am reading so I can start it. (I try to limit myself to two at a time so I do not get confused) ;)