Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On My Short List...

...of Most Entertaining Commercials Evah!

Thanks to eGuiders' Newsletter for the Heads-Up!

BTW, yes, I'm still alive, just never time to blog and seldom time to blog visit. As much as I love Summertime, it will be nice if/when I get the house back to myself someday.


MB (Leah) said...

I saw that a few days ago. Very funny and creative!!!

I'm glad you're still alive. Misses you, but I understand.

JenB said...

That commercial is both amazing and creepy at the same time.

I've missed you! I was just thinking about you this weekend. I hope you're enjoying your summer. :)

Sarah said...

I saw this on telly here the other night. Crazy stuff and such clever people making this stff. So nice to see you!!!

Bev(QB) said...

And if I wasn't busy enough, yesterday my husband was taking the motor out of his GTO and they brought it down on his foot-- which is now concave on the top with a little added piece of something broken off in his heel. But would he go to the ER yesterday? Oh hell no! He's too macho for that!

Even today, he's decided that he just needs to get in to see his podiatrist... on a Wednesday (aka Golf Day)... yeah right. Not to mention he's ignoring the fact that his podiatrist has surgical privledges at a different hospital than the ones in our insurance network. And I have a funny feeling that surgery will be involved with this one.

So at some point today I will hopefully have him convinced that he must go to the ER where we will probably spend 10 hours with everyone else who couldn't get in to see their doctors (because it's Wednesday).


I misses you guys too. You're all a helluva lot funner and more sane(!) than my real life lately! Or maybe it's just that your flavor of insanity comes packaged with a heapin' helpin' of Teh Funnah! ;-p

Aradia said...

Hi Bev,
Missed you a lot.
Hope everything goes smoothly and your husband gets better soon.
Take care.

azteclady said...


Here's sending positive vibes your way--may you convince your husband quickly and may at least one qualified doctor have skipped golf today.

Bev(QB) said...

He DID find a foot doctor (board certified even) available that morning, so no ER trip. YEAH!

We lucked out- he only fractured two of his toes and crushed a vein. Not much he can do for the toes except wear tight socks (the two smallest toes) and doc gave him a couple of painful cortisone shots, but he has to go in for another MRI tomorrow to check on the vein. The doc has high hopes that it will eventually return to normal.

So, hopefully the only thing he screwed up was our trip to look at condos in Florida. No sense going when he was hobbling around. Now it looks like maybe September before we have any chance of getting down there. GRRRR... every time we think about going, something comes up.

Beth Gray said...

Yes, only a few more weeks until my son will be back in school. It will make writing so much easier. But at night there is the homework, so I guess it evens out.

KMont said...

Hey there! I just popped over to see -yes- if you were alive! I think we all know how you feel about the no time issue. Something's gotta give when that rears and it's always something like our blogging, reading, etc.

I'm so sorry that happened to your hubby Ouch! I hope your life can get back to the way you need it to be soon. Hugs!

azteclady said...

Bev, don't *think* about coming--jump in the car and drive!

Kidding aside, here's wishing you calmer times!

azteclady said...


*cupping hands around face* Hellooooo????

*choking on accumulated dust*