Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday Night Fondue

I've got a feeling I'll be enjoying the Oscars a bit more than usual this year. Go Fug Yourself is live-blogging the Oscar ceremony. Trust me, it'll be better than the actual telecast.

I had completely forgotten that Romance Novel TV was due to go live on Valentine's Day. Of course, since the sound on my PC isn't working (see previous Bonbons), fat lot of good it does me, dammit! And Rebecca York is even on there! If I understand the concept of the site, we not only will be seeing interviews with authors but also those little commercials they do for their books!! I'm looking forward to those little gems all being in one place.

Snarkywood has FINALLY added another blog entry. Don't get me wrong, this one is well worth waiting for- it matches show dogs with their celebrity look-a-likes. *snicker* But c'mon, y'all... you've got one of the best site names around and you hardly ever post on it!!

So I stop by The Book Bitches and... HOLY SHIT!! Have you seen the ad campaign for Dolce & Gabbana??!! And this company thought an apparent gang rape in progress was good for business, why??!! At best, it's the chickie's asswipe boyfriend showing off for his friends by "teaching" her who's Top Dog. Although, if that chickie is willing, then it's actually kind of sexy in a dark erotic fantasy kind of way, yes? Click on the pic on the BB's site for a larger version. The other pictures in the campaign are also rather bizarre.

The topic over on Romancing the Blog is group blogs. I like the IDEA of group blogs, but so far I've been underwhelmed by most of them. It's great that several people can keep a blog fresh on a daily basis, but, as a reader, it's confusing when most of them are not very diligent about identifying who is actually posting a particular blog entry. If there are 6 or 8 possible contributers, then just showing that today's post is by Jen or Mary presumes we know the 6 or 8 well enough to keep track of who Jen or Mary are. PLEASE put your full name (in the case of group author blogs) under/in the post's title and it would be even better if you could include a little pic or avi of yourself with each post, too! I'm not being nit-picky, but if the voice in each post is going to be so different, it would read more smoothly if we know who each voice belonged to. There's also a link to a site I've not run across before The Good, The Bad and the Unread. I'll think I might be adding it to my list of regularly visited sites.

While I was poking around The Good, The Bad and the Unread, I came across a heartbreaker. Shiloh Walker released another book in her Hunters series and here I am with no PDA. *deep calming breaths* You know one benefit that I hadn't foreseen to writing this blog is that it can be really rather cathartic! After that whole techno-hell rant the other day (and it's mini-rant follow-up), I got the worst of my frustrations out of my system. I'm still in techno-hell, but I'm dealing with it much better. I think I'm going to buy an HP tx1000 convertible laptop when they are released next week. I'd rather wait until more manufacturers produce a convertible laptop (because of Vista, they are expected to rule this year) or until the current ones work the new model bugs out, but I'm not in a postion to wait. I'm still planning on getting a UMPC when the prices start falling to replace my PDA, but a tablet laptop will work out okay for right now. And HP's appears to offer the most features for the price. Toshiba and Dell only offer a lot of the bells and whistles if you're willing to go over $2k. HP's tx1000 starts at $1200 for a pretty loaded up version.

Anyway, back to Shiloh Walker's Hunters series. They are paranormal erotic romances available at Ellora's Cave. Vampires, shifters, witches; ongoing story arcs; three dimensional, sympathetic characters. The series is solidly a Peanut M&M with a couple of them (particularly the 1st two) sneaking up to a Lava Cake category. Flames heights range from 7" up to a full 9" for some scenes like the Declan/Tori/Eli romps. This new one appears to focus on Declan and Tori again but it sounds like I better have the tissue box nearby for this tearjerker!


Shiloh Walker said...

So I'm peanut butter M&Ms? Exactly what's a peanut butter M&M?

When you get aorund to getting I'll Be Hunting You, I hope you like it.

QB said...

LOL, Shiloh! It's just PEANUT M&Ms not peanut butter! *shudders at the thought* and that's a GOOD place to be- over on the right of my blog, you'll see what all my labels mean. "Peanut M&Ms - devour... sigh... then reach for the next one. My daily dose of Insanity-B-Gone. Most books fall in this category." But Declan and Tori's story falls more into "Lava Cake - reads like warm Chocolate Lava Cake... à la Mode... sprinkled with nuts."

If I ever get out of techno-hell, I'll be reading my Passionate Plume books first, but I guarantee you that "I'll Be Hunting You" will be the first ebook I buy!

BTW, Shiloh, since you've now deflowered me and gave me my first comment, you're my new BFF. LMAO!