Saturday, February 10, 2007

Virgin No More

Yep, at the ripe old age of 50, I've decided it's finally time for my electronic deflowering. And like all first-timers, I'm not quite sure how this is all gonna work. So I have to trust that my partner, blogspot, knows what it is doing.

So why here, why now? I do post on a couple of boards. One has a small group of phenomenal women on it, but it is an individual author's board and I hate to clutter it up with my babbling about other authors and other sites. A couple of other boards are very conservative and I have to rein myself in when posting. Another board I go to has to be the most feature rich, beautifully organized board EVER. Sina seems to have made it her mission to make sure everyone has every fun bell & whistle available for vBulletin. It's got a large membership that enjoys discussing books and a million other subjects, and I used to be totally addicted to posting there. But I don't enjoy going there as much anymore because a small group of asstards and fuckwads still think they're in junior high and have tried to drag everyone else on the board back there with them. You know the type, target someone and spread smack about them. Say it to enough people, often enough, and it becomes truth even when it can be proved otherwise or goes against all common sense. They've aimed at more than one target, including me, but I was the most visible. Too bad rules can't be created specifically to ban viper cliques. Ah well, if it makes them feel bigger in their sad little empty lives...

So what do I plan on doing with this blog?

Well, hopefully I can summarize the highlights from some of the "Can't Live Without" sites I visit every day. I seem to have become a snark addict.

I also plan on posting quite a bit about books. I'm a Reader (note capital "R"). Mostly Paranormal Romance, Historical Romance, Urban Fantasy/Romance and all with at least a bit of spice or, even better, flat out erotica within those genres.

Oh, and as to the name Cubie's Confections, that refers to my enjoyment of Eye Candy. I can't take credit for finding it all, Karlz and Luv are the Treasure Hunters, but I can still share all the candy that I scooped up from them.

As for "QB", that's from a long running joke between my DH and I. I would be laying the law down to the kids (because he cannot say "NO" to them) and he would walk by and whisper (jokingly, I hope) "God, you're a Bitch!" to which I would snap back "That's Queen Bitch to you, bucko!" Well, Queen Bitch became QB then morphed into it's pronunciation "Cubie".

Thus ends my deflowering. And like most first times, it was "meh".

Now here's the QB Dancers to help me celebrate.

Take it away, boys...

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