Saturday, May 17, 2008

B&N Web Video Series

From Barnes & Noble STUDIO... Cover Story

Books as seen through the eyes of those who design them.

Have you ever wondered if the stories behind books' covers might be as interesting as the stories between them? If so, welcome to Cover Story. In this original mini-documentary series, we introduce you to the creative people who design and illustrate the books we love. From children's tales to science fiction and beyond, every cover tells a story.

This week...

John Gall, Vintage & Anchor Books
Catch John's five rules of good book cover design. No. 1 is easy: Read the book!

Coming soon...

Stephen Youll, Science Fiction Illustrator
A visit with the creator of some of the best-known illustrations of far-out worlds.

Judy York, Romance & Fantasy Illustrator
Meet the artist behind the some of today's steamiest covers.

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