Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Truth, Justice, and the American Way...

...have prevailed against the overwhelming forces of 13 year old girls armed with cell phone superpowers!! BY 12 MILLION VOTES! Er... um... that DOES mean that I am not the only adult that voted a buttload of times last night just to try and counteract their world-domination plans, right?

The better man (by far) WON!! WOOT!


Congratulations David Cook!!

And let me just add that his unbelievable voice made what could have been a cheesy, sappy winning song tonight sound pretty damn GOOOOD!

Yeah, yeah, I DO feel a wee bit sorry for Archie boy, but as I said over at Jaci's today, I'm just not into the high-pitched singing voices. I prefer deep and rough. Photobucket


LissaNY said...

WhooHooo!!! I am soooo happy! Too funny you have the fireworks on your post. I will have to forward you the email I sent out to everyone last night in my excitement!

My thrill over the Risky Business remake and David in his tighty whities was a totally different kind of excitement though! I swear I am in love with the man and his voice. Totally the kind of guy I go crazy over (alt-rocker dude with facial hair!)


LissaNY said...

BTW, for the first time in my American Idol-watching history I too picked up the phone and voted.

Jaci Burton said...

Yes! Yes! Yes!

The whole finale last night rocked! Loved it.

And Archie took defeat with a smile. Very mature for such a young kid. Give him a couple years to mature and he'll be great.

DC was awesome. Love him. Can't wait for the CD. *grin*

Bev(QB) said...

Have you heard the single yet? Niiiiiice!