Friday, May 2, 2008

She Shoots... She SCORES!

YES! Barnes & Noble comes through for me again. This one isn't due to release until May 20th but it is on its way to me NOW!!!

You KNOW I've been suffering Phil Gigante withdrawals. Oh, don't get me wrong, right now I'm listening to Laural Merlington and Todd McLaren's narration of Personal Demon, Women of the Underworld, book 8 by Kelley Armstrong and it's VERY enjoyable, but it's not Phil and the Highlanders. (hee, sounds like an old rock and roll group)

The Immortal Highlander is that naughty fey, Adam's story. You know, the book where Drustan and Daegus also appear... a.k.a. the "Death by Eargasm" audio book.

Book Cover

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LissaNY said...

I have been keeping an eye out in all my audio library sources for the series. After hearing your "personal message", I am waiting eagerly!

I just sent you a personal email, but my email provider changed names, so you might have to check your filter. Still under the name of LissaNY.