Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Chocolate Fondue Served with Fruits and Nuts for Dipping

The Host Book Cover You know I don't read YA... ever. I've got a house full of teens and I read to escape them, not read about MORE of them. GAK! So, while I've not been tempted in the least to read Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series, I have to admit that the universal glowing praise of it has left me curious to read something of hers. So when other bloggers started getting excited about The Host, I was hoping that this adult themed book would meet everyone's high expectations.

According to KateBabs, it didn't just meet those expectations, it exceeded them! Read Katie's loving review of The Host on Ramblings on Romance (just be warned that the site isn't completely IE7 friendly).

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Also on Ramblings on Romance, KristieJ gave me a fun trip down Memory Lane thanks to YouTube. Is there some conspiracy lately making sure I am constantly reminded of how old I am?
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I recently noticed a couple of hits on my Statcounter coming from Thom Blum so I wandered over to check it out. Turns out I was Runner-up for Blog of the Day!! WOOT! Tossing Roses

I lost out to The Erotic Fantasy of Skye... which seems fair to me. Only trouble is that the Thom Blum site has some "The webpage cannot be found" bugaboos so I can't give you the permalink to the actual post, you'll have to scroll down to May 14th, 2008. I also can't leave a comment and thank them because I get the same message. Oh, and a warning: the site is sooooo not work safe!!
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Well, it's started. Remember last week when I said I didn't have too much to bitch about yet in the aftermath of Amazon's acquisition of both Brilliance Audio and DUN DUN DUUUN Let the Jerk-Around-Our-Customers games begin! I have been touting Audible's $9.99 per year membership as the best deal around. Ten bucks and you get member pricing on any of their audio products. In fact, it's easy to get back the ten bucks just in the savings on one audio book.

Well, Madame Butterfly decided to join Audible and couldn't find the $9.99/year deal, only the monthly plans. So she contacted them and it turns out they are no longer offering the $9.99 deal to new members!!! Now the lowest priced plan they have is $14.95/month (includes one audio book credit) or $149.50/year (includes 12 audio book credits). That's just WRONG! And they damn well better offer it to me again when my membership comes up for renewal. I usually listen to one and maybe part of a second audio book each month because I only listen when I am doing certain types of work where I can set my brain on automatic pilot. Some months it's an Audible book, some months it's a Brilliance audio book. Now, if they are eventually going to offer ALL Brilliance audio through Audible, then the monthly plan will work for me, but if not, then it's going to piss me off royally.
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I'z in TRUBUL NOW! I had a Borders itch last night that could not be ignored. But I was still kinda proud of myself--- I DID buy several of my Insatiable Lusts, but I only bought TWO of my Constant Cravings wish list books. In the past, a trip to Borders would mean that every available book on my lists would have come home with me. But since I only had a couple of coupons and $5 in Borders Bucks, I think I restrained myself admirably.

The Cat Book CoverJohnson, Jean - The Cat: Sons of Destiny 5 (Berkley Trade)

Touch of Twilight Book CoverPettersson, Vicki - The Touch of Twilight - Sign of the Zodiac 3

Weddings from Hell Book CoverShayne, Frost, Garey, Smith - Weddings from Hell, anthology (I am such an anthology slut!)

Wicked Game Book CoverSmith-Ready, Jeri - Wicked Game (Pocket Trade)

Lover Enshrined Book CoverWard, JR - Lover Enshrined - Black Dagger Brotherhood 6

Walk on the Wild Side Book CoverWarren, Christine - Walk on the Wild Side - The Others, book 5

The truth is that I wasn't sure what I was going to be in the mood for, so I figured I better cover all my bases. Trouble is that the haul included multiple hits of book crack. So, what did I end up reading? I couldn't decide between The Cat and Lover Enshrined, but I figured that I probably better read LE before any enjoyment I might get from it gets spoiled all over Romancelandia. Well, with The Cat sitting beside me as backup, I opened LE and BAM! I discovered that The WARDen sure didn't waste any time grabbing us by the (metaphysical) balls and yanking us into this one!! Although I have to admit that I'm glad of one spoiler I read--- this is more Urban Fantasy than Romance because Phury and Cormia's relationship is not the main focus of LE. YEAHYEAHYEAH!! Cuz, seriously, Cormia is without a doubt one of the most boring, TSTL, doormats I've ever encountered. And also YEAH! It's been confirmed that Xhex is John Matthew's mate.
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Linda Hogan and Charlie HillAnd my final thoughts before I go back to LE diving... I just have to add that at least the objects of my pervy old broad fantasies cougarness are of full legal age! I mean, I realize that 19 year old boys are the sexual equivalent of Energizer Bunnies, but DAYUM, the same age as her kids?! Why didn't Linda Hogan just adopt if she wanted to raise another one?


Madame Butterfly said...

QB- when I talked with audible they did say that they were doing the $9.99 deal for those who already had it and were renewing. So you are ok.

Kris said...

Good book list. I have and read the last two, LE and Walk on the WS. I liked them. I have The Cat on order from the library and cannot wait t read it.

Bev(QB) said...

MB: That IS good news! Thanks!

Kris: I'm still working on LE-- my damn demon spawn are driving me batshit CRAZY!!!

Christine said...

Hi Bev!
I'm reading the WEDDINGS FROM HELL antho right now.. .two down, two to go. I figure June is traditionally *the* wedding month, so why not? ;)

Did you finish LEn yet? I look forward to reading your thoughts!

Bev(QB) said...

Hi Christine! No, I have NOT finished LE yet. THREE DAYS and I'm still not done! It's my demon spawn-- they're making me batshit crazy. But I swear I WILL finish it tonight because this is getting ridiculous-- THREE freakin' days for one little paperback!

Maija said...


I also said that I wouldn't read Meyer's YA novels. So when The Host came, I wanted try that one and see if her adult novel is any good. And it was. And it made me - forced me actually - to take a peak at her Twilight series. And now, after reading the first three novels, I'm loving it. Who would have guessed? You really should try...

Bev(QB) said...

Maija, thanks for stopping by!

I've decided to wait for either the price reduction or the paperback of The Host. But, no, I seriously doubt I could bring myself to read Twilight... maybe I'll watch the movie, though.