Thursday, June 26, 2008

An Upcoming Event of World Changing Significance

Sieze the Night Book CoverHmmmm... what is the significance of Sherrilyn Kenyon and St. Martins Press giving away free ecopies of Sieze the Night (Valerius and Tabitha's story) to "prepare for Archeron, the biggest event in Dark Hunter history" (release date August 5, 2008)?

Archeron Book CoverWhy that particular book from her backlist? Are there clues to Archeron in it? Do we need to read/re-read as a suggested prerequisite to Archeron? If so, does that mean I didn't have to endure all that confusing Greek/Roman/Sumarian pantheon shit in the more recent books to understand Archeron?! DAMN!

Anyway, get your free ebook download of Sieze the Night here.

And just to make sure we realize what a truly once-in-a-lifetime event Archeron's release is, the book even has a website completely seperate from all SK's other websites--


Anne said...

They really are promoing the shit out of this book, aren't they? Good on 'em, I say. Did you read the free short story with Nick? It's on that page too, I think. If not, then on her regular SK page.

JenB said...

I was so excited when I got the free e-book email...until I realized it was Seize the Night, the very book that caused me to lose interest in the whole freaking series. %!#$!@&!!!

*impossible to please*

Babz said...

This book cannot come out soon enough. I have loved this series,left it, came back again, and Acheron still hasn't found his happy ending.

JenB, I lasted til a Hunter changed into a cat. A CAT. Dark Side of The Moon or summink.


Still remember me, QB?

Madame Butterfly said...

Well, thanks for the link even though it's obvious that you guys didn't like this one. I've never read Kenyon but have always wanted to. Just haven't gotten around to it, so this is a perfect chance to try for free.

Anonymous said...

sigh... I haven't read her last several (it was also the cat one that lost me, although it was getting tenous awhile before. Her world building and ever changing rules were pissing me off)

I was hoping to still give a shite when it came to Archerons book, but I am not sure that I do... which really depresses the hell out of me... These books were a lot of fun for about 5 or 6 books..


Bev(QB) said...

Sieze the Night was before she completely turned the stories over to the mythologies. I think I might have even enjoyed this one.

IIRC, Tabitha is the last of the original circle of sisters and friends that end up with Dark Hunters.

And Valerius is the Roman that was so hated by the other Dark Hunters (one in particular, but can't remember who... Tabitha's ?sister? is married to him), but his squire (damn, was it Ollie or something like that?) enjoyed tweaking Valerius' stick-up-the-ass attitude. Valerius and Tabitha are complete opposites in personalities-- she's a laid back free spirt and a witch, isn't she?

It's been awhile since I've read it though, so I'm rusty on all the details of the story. However, I AM going to read it again before Archeron is released because I have to be believe that there is some significance to releasing this particular book as a free ebook.

BTW, Babz, long time no see, I'd probably run into you more if I would spend more time over at the KMM board! Did you get moved and, more importantly, did your boxes of books survive the move?

Devon said...

Way behind on the blog hopping, obviously, but Seize the Night is my hands down favorite in the series. Tabitha and Valerius are both a little different from her usual hero and heroine, and better developed to boot. After this it all started going downhill, with the playing fast and loose with the rules.

I'm starting to get really excited for Acheron, which I wasn't expecting to happen. But I've gotta read Devil May Cry first.

Babz said...

Sorry for the late reply Bev. I don't go to KMM's board that often either. My mind is limited when it comes to forum postings. I cannot make out head or tails of what's happening.

I did get moved! You remember?? Aww so sweet. The move was the cause of me missing from the fuzzy world of internet. My books survived, barely. It all smells like cardboard. I'm moving to e-books permanently.

Btw, you know that Astak ebook reader? Is it true it doesn't read Mobipocket books? DAMN.