Thursday, June 26, 2008

Creative Fangirl Wanted

Good Gravy! Is it time for school to start back up yet? I've been invaded by demon spawn and their minions and can't seem to accomplish anything but running Mom's Taxi Service! GAK!!!

So just a quick note about an email from author Jean Johnson's Yahoo group before I head off for cheerleader carpool pickup followed by dentist appointments for the two youngest spawn:

Greetings, Mob of Irate Torch-Wielding Fans!

The Sword Book CoverI am attempting to surf 'the wave of the future'...which seems to be
YouTube book-promoting videos. Unfortunately, my videography skills
were trained to use in-studio equipment...not at-home computer
software. (This was back when "multimedia" was a brand-new class at
BCC, *mumble*teen years ago.)

The Wolf Book CoverSo I'm looking for someone who might be interested in putting
together one of those book-promo vids seen on YouTube and so forth,
something to promote the novels in The Sons of Destiny series. I
don't have the skill to do it myself, let alone the software, etc.,
but I'm willing to consult on possible ideas and themes...and I'd
definitely like final approval, since this is meant to be a
promotional piece for my works.

The Master Book Cover(Which means I'm willing to negotiate a remuneration of some sort;
discussion of just what that means will be jointly and reasonably
decided by me and the people I eventually pick...and I may end up
picking more than one person for this task, since this is about
promotion, not competition.)

The Cat Book CoverThis offer will be held open for a few weeks, to give everyone a
chance to submit their skill levels and video ideas.

The Storm Book CoverPlease EMAIL me at either or Include your name, your email address,
your experience, a couple of ideas for "book-trailer videos", and if
you have samples of any previous video works you have made, by all
means, include the links to them!

Thanks for any help in this endeavor,

Rydan's story-- The Storm-- September 2, 2008 *swoon*

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