Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy 3rd Blogiversary to Me!


Yep, as of yesterday, this blog has existed for THREE YEARS!

Okay, yeah, I recently went on walkabout for a few months, but that wasn't my fault. No really. In addition to just not having TIME to blog (hence this day-late post), the fact is that I really didn't have much to say. I KNOW... ME with nothing to say! What's up with THAT?!

But I think what started it was a string of favorite authors/series with less than stellar, or disappointing, or in some cases flat-out AWFUL books. That snowballed into a reading slump where most books I picked up just seemed like too much of a commitment. You wouldn't believe all the books scattered all around here where I read the first few pages, sighed, and sat it down because I just didn't feel like committing to the time required to read it. And when I DID decide a book was worth reading, it took me DAYS of start/stop reading to finish it! Really, I think I read more books in January than I I have in TOTAL over the past few months.

I'm debating whether to do a blog post/series of blog posts about the let downs. Try to exorcize the bad-read mojo by purging all my negative thoughts at once. I dunno, is it bad sportsmanship to only post negative reviews?

One of the scary things is that, even though I've eagerly devoured books by these authors in the past, once I hit these disappointing books, in many cases I haven't been able to read any other books in these series. Kind of like when you eat a favorite meal over and over again- can't get enough of it- but then that one time, the flu hit soon after eating your favorite. The next time you start to eat that favorite meal again, you can't help but think of all the swirling chunky bits you ralphed into the toilet bowl the last time you ate it.


LVLM said...

Woohoo! Happy Bloggy Birthday.

By the way, dude is just my type. Even with the blue sparkly hair. Bring it on! LOL

So about getting turned off series and then not going further, I feel your pain. I'm the same way.

I loved Nalini Singh's first 3 books of the psy/changling series, but book 4, I just could not get through. I tried a few times and could get no further than 100 pages and was bored out of my skull. And now I just have no juice to read the rest and they might be great.

Same with her Angel series now. I read the first one and wasn't too impressed with the hero and I can't read the latest.

There have been lots of series that I've given up on after a bomb and it's a pity. But in those cases, sorry, gotta break up with the author and move on.

I'd love to read your DNF's and so on. I still read books that didn't work for others.

Teddy Pig said...

Happy Birthday! Hey, if a negative review is required to get blogging again then do it.

Bev(QB) said...

MB, you keep your hands off my Josh, woman! You may LOOK all you want, but he's MINE, ALL MINE. So sez I. ;-p

I tried the Nalini Singh books in a couple of anthologies. They just weren't for me even though so many people that like the same books I do, LOVE her.

There's a lot of series I've dropped too, mostly from lack of interest. I realized that I was buying a lot of them just because of Book Hoarder's OCD and FORCED myself not to buy anymore unless/until I read the ones I have. In other words, no Booklust, no buy!

But the authors/series I mentioned here are series that I have always had booklust for but after one bad book I'm afraid to read more in case all the rest suck too.

TP, check my next post. Something for that Valentine gift dilemma of yours. I'm sure Jason will appreciate it.

Oh wait... look who I'm talking to. You two probably already have entire little leather wardrobes. ;-D

Teddy Pig said...


At least half a cow for my jacket alone.

Bev(QB) said...

Well excuuuuuuse me! I didn't mean to impeach you and dasbearpeen's honor!

azteclady said...

swirling chunky bits... gah, suddenly I'm not hungry at all ;-)

Happy belated bloggiversary, Bev!

Aradia said...

Happy birthday to your weblog!
Hope you find many interesting lovely exhilarating books in close future and start your exciting reviews again.
As for negative ones, I say start writing them and tear those weak repetitive books apart! They deserve it for being cheesy. If we, readers; just keep saying positive things when we know the book doesn’t merit a good review, what’s the point of calling them reviews? More like happy notes from gushing fans!
And with only gushing fans how writers are supposed to find their weaknesses and write better?!
Ok, so that was the perfectionist in me ranting!
I suggest to categorize those books (bad, boring, yawn, etc) and pointing out all the flaws, if you have the time of course!
Best wishes and happy bloggings!

Bev(QB) said...

Thanks AZL, Thanks Aradia!

I just might have to do those negative reviews after all because I seem to be slipping back into not feeling ready to commit to anything again. Bad, bad reading Mojo.