Monday, December 10, 2007

QB's Quickies

"So, read any good books lately?"
"What did you think of...?"

Here's the Quickie answers to those questions. Click on the Links for more info.

Catherine Coulter - Double Take, FBI series, book 11

Book Category: Peanut M&Ms - mmmm...devour... sigh... then reach for the next one. My daily dose of Insanity-B-Gone. Most books I read fall in this category. (A-,B+,B)
Flame Height: 1" out of 9"

This book should be considered a continuation of book 10, Point Blank (see previous commentary), since it wraps up Dix and Ruth's storyline. Damn good multiple plotline mystery/thriller. I just wish she'd write some of the sexual tension back into her stories.
Piquant Opines: RT, ABC Wide Bay

Emma Holly - Fairyville
And Then There Were Four: The Epilogue to Fairyville (Amazon 49¢ download)

Category: Lava Cake - reads like warm Chocolate Lava Cake... à la Mode... sprinkled with nuts (A,A)
Flame Height: 7.5" out of 9"

This Fantasy is Emma Holly's most memorable work since Menage! It's light, quirky, fun, and hot. Multiple relationships, including straight, gay (m/m), and, in the downloadable epilogue, m/m/f/m.
Piquant Opines: RT, TGTBTU,

A. Leigh Jones - Forever Crossed

ALJ's LiveJournal; Forever Crossed is also available at Fictionwise

Category: Lava Cake - reads like warm Chocolate Lava Cake... à la Mode... sprinkled with nuts (A,A)
Flame Height: 2" out of 9"

This book was released in print by Imajinn books back in June of 2004 and, after recently discovering it, I was filled with glee. Why? Because I HAD to read the rest of the series and figured there were probably 2 or 3 more already released and waiting for me to devour them! Uh... nope... couldn't find anymore AND I couldn't find the author A. Leigh Jones. So I sent out a call for help to Bam (who loves a good mystery) and totally squeed when ALJ responded! Read what happened here. Course that was followed by a groan of disappointment that I wasn't going to get to visit her world again. This was a damn good Urban Fantasy and I wasn't ready to leave!
Piquant Opines: RT, TBR,

Lora Leigh - Tanner's Scheme

For the complete chronological listing of the Breeds books, including the earlier ebooks from Ellora's Cave that are all now available in print, click here.

Book Category: Peanut M&Ms - mmmm...devour... sigh... then reach for the next one. My daily dose of Insanity-B-Gone. Most books I read fall in this category. (A-,B+,B)
Flame Height: 7.5" out of 9"

Series Category: Crème Brûlée - My All-Time Moan-Out-Loud Favorites (A+)
Flame Height: 9" out of 9"

Scheme is a strong, noble, intelligent heroine and is a worthy match for ANY of the Breeds. She also happens to be the daughter of one of the Breeds most powerful enemies. The fact that she ends up mated to Tanner, the Breeds public "poster boy" is an extra sweet victory over those full humans who oppose the Breeds' acceptance by humanity. And I think I've got an unhealthy fixation on Jonas. I SO want someone to bring him to his knees, but then again, since it can't be me, I also DON'T want it to happen. Go figure.

BTW, I mentioned before that Lora likes to name characters after people she knows and I met the real life Scheme at RAW in September. But I forgot to mention that Lora introduced a new character in Tanner's Scheme, Shiloh. And yep, she's named after Lora's partner-in-crime, Shiloh Walker. And just like the real life Shiloh, the Breed Shiloh is described as shy and demure! *snickers then guffaws then ROFLMAO*
Piquant Opines: RT, TGTBTU,


Madame Butterfly said...

I did not know that Lora Leigh used names of real people, but when I read Tanner's Scheme I did connect that Shiloh was in fact named after Shiloh Walker.

I've not met Shiloh Walker, but I see her on many message boards and blogs and I would have to concur that she is shy and demure. ; )

QB said...

Roni was named after Veronica Chadwick, the upcoming Dawn's Awakening was named after Dawn Ryder. There's a Natalie coming up named after the Natalie on Lora's board.

I know I'm forgetting someone.

Veronica Chadwick said...

Hey Bev,
Just a small correction. Not that Dawn Ryder doesn't deserve a character named after her but Dawn's Awakening was in the works long before she met Lora. :D Other than that you're right on the money. Although, if I were Dawn I'd think of Dawn's Awakening as mine anyway. LOL

QB said...

I stand corrected, thank you Roni.

BTW, MB, I don't know if you visit Shiloh's blog or not, but it turns out that Shadoe from The Hunters: Ben and Shadoe is named after Lora Leigh! Shadoe is Lora's nickname.

Of course, now I'd like to hear the story behind THAT!

Madame Butterfly said...

I've been to her blog only few times. So many author's and reader's blogs, so little time. : (

I did not see that. However, I totally love the names Shadoe and Scheme. Totally unique.

Natalie said...

Hey Bev -- The person you were forgetting is Emerson. She is Macey March's heroine in the anthology Rescue Me in the novella titled, "Atlanta Heat"

Natalie, loves jaguars *wink*

QB said...

Thanks, Natalie. Actually, I don't recall that I ever knew there was an upcoming Macey/Emerson match. In fact, I don't remember Macey either.

And Best Wishes on YOUR upcoming mating heat with Saban(?)

Natalie said...

Macey is the computer whiz in LL's Temptins SEALS series.

Macey and Emerson's story is in the RESCUE ME anthology that Lora is in with Cindy Gerard and Cherry Adair. It releases in July.

Thanks for the mating well wishes!


QB said...

Ah, okay, I do remember Macey now. The Seals series isn't a must-read for me-- I'm not much of a fan of that type of story but I DO occasionally pick one up of Lora's because... duh... it's LORA's! LOL.

QB said...

...And because I sometimes get strange looks in the bookstore when people see me fondling and drooling all over the nummy Seals covers.