Thursday, December 6, 2007

STICKY - Aural Pleasures on TGTBTU

TGTBTUI wrote a three-part series on audio books for The Good, the Bad, and the Unread. I'll leave this post up as a sticky (scroll down for newer posts) and will update the links as each part of the series is published over on TGTBTU.

Don‘t Miss:
Aural Pleasures 101 - “Why” and “Where” to buy Audio Books - Tell us why you listen to audio books.
Aural Pleasures 102 - “How” to Select an Audio Book - Come share your tips for selection.
Aural Pleasures 103 - “What” Audio Books are Recommended - Share your recommendations and warnings.


Chris said...
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QB said...

Sorry asswipes, this ain't MySpace and I sure as shit am not interested in being your friend. Do you really think that bait-n-spam bullshit is gonna work this time?


Madame Butterfly said...

Bev, you crack me up! That just made my day. I hate that crap.

QB said...

Hell, there was actually TWO of them there-- and one was in frickin' FRENCH!

Madame Butterfly said...

Ya, I actually saw them and though WTF? But your response still has me laughing. :D