Wednesday, December 12, 2007


holly.jpgHave you been following the Duodecimal mayhem over on TGTBTU? In a salute to the Twelve Days of Christmas, we've got lists of 12-- from 12 favorite cookies to books to characters, etc. with contributers from authors to bloggers to reviewers.

Bev's All-Time Favorite Book Series went up today. Head on over and read all the the Duodecimals. Today's 12 Days of Smart Bitchery is freakin' hilarious!


sybil said...

I think it has turned out sooooooo amazingly well and speaks to the fact the romance community is great.

QB said...

It HAS been a lot of fun, hasn't it? And Teddy Pig really surprised me-- I now have some new-to-me authors that I need to try.