Monday, December 1, 2008

The Race is On!

WHAT A LOOOONG-ASS WEEKEND! Or maybe I should say a WIDE-ass weekend since, when I wasn't cooking and/or eating, I was parked in front of my PC shopping online. Although I DID get a surprise early Christmas present from a certain someone (I don't know if she wants it kept hush-hush or not) that made me all kinds of happy. You can be sure I'll be reviewing that prezzie soon!

Kudos to GottaDeal for the advance notices of not only WHAT would be in the Black Friday ads, but also what time those deals would be available online on Thursday. I grabbed a few hot deals that way. But then again, I lost out on a few because they were in-store only and nuh-uh, wasn't doing THAT!

By yesterday evening, our main credit card had placed a fraud alert hold on our account until we verified that it was me using it and it hadn't been stolen. But really, it would be much easier to place a few large orders than 5 or 6 or 20 small orders. However, the way the coupon and promo codes work, you have to plan out the orders just right in order to get maximum discounts. So therefore, our wonderfully protective credit card company flagged all those rapid fire multiple orders to the same merchants. We luvs them.

Of course, all this shopping means I haven't had time to start my end of month work crunch. And today's already the FIRST! EEK! So that means I'll be disappearing again except for occasional Google Reader browses.

However, there's one place I won't be missing this week. Our favorite evil genius Samhain editor, Angela James, is hosting a 12 Days of Holiday Hell Contest which includes a scavenger hunt to win one of TWO Kindles! There's a new chance to win one of a bazillion (give or take a few) prizes each day, with separate contests for each Kindle.

Angie's Contest

That's a whole lotta someones who will getting a whole lotta extra sumpin' sumpin' this Christmas!


Sarah said...

Our big sales here are the Boxing Day sales, and there are a few on at the moment leading up to Xmas.

Cool competition, must check it out!!

MB (Leah) said...

QB- you crack me up. I'm guessing if there is a good deal to be had on anything anywhere, you'd find it. Kudos to you!!! LOL

I don't do the insane after Thanksgiving shopping. I usually just send money because my family are all over and I usually spend tons in shipping. So I'd rather the extra cash be in their pocket.

Besides which, no one will ever tell me what they want and I hate to buy stuff that no one wants.

Sounds like you got some good deals though. :D Good for you.

Bev(QB) said...

Sarah, I thought Boxing Day was AFTER Christmas? I mean, I think I understand what it's history is, but that's about all I know about it. It just isn't acknowledged here- probably because we never had the feudal system that it came from.

Heh. MB, all that was just shopping for my kids and husband. As of last year, all the grandnieces and grandnephews (uh, 13 or so at last count) get both their birthday and Christmas gifts together at Christmas in the form of gift cards. I gave up stressing over what to get a bunch of kids I see maybe once a year. Not to mention keeping up with all the birthdays.

Even my Mother and Mother-in-law now get gift cards from me because neither one of them really needs or wants anything so I get them gift cards for restaurants.

So, dare I ask? How's Hawaii? It's okay to lie and tell me that the weather sucks.

MB (Leah) said...

So, dare I ask? How's Hawaii? It's okay to lie and tell me that the weather sucks.

Umm...OK, it sucks. LOL

Sarah said...

Yep. It is after Xmas, the 26th of Dec.

Hope you're having a super time leah!