Thursday, March 4, 2010

Classic Slash Trek

Broke Trek: A Star Trek Brokeback Mountain Parody (thanks again to eGuiders)

Seriously laugh out loud campy and hi-lare-ee-ous. Wait'll you see the simulated buttsecksoring. But be warned that it's mildly NSFW.


LVLM said...

OK, I was able to see the link on my reader but it's not showing up on your blog for me.

It is funny, but where was the buttsecksoring? Missed that.

oooh, cannot pass up this word veri:

flogyrkd- Swedish for a person who flogs themselves and a pajorative! You flogyrkd you! :D

Bev(QB) said...

Okay, I just deleted the embedded code and recopied it. If that still doesn't work, maybe your flash player needs updating because I have no problems seeing it (IE8).

You missed the buttsecksoring? Dude, Spock split Kirk in half and later Kirk topped and Spock asked for it harder! LMAO

Heh, flogyrkd. Good one.

LVLM said...

I can see it now. And I see the buttsex part. LOL Don't know how I missed that. snort