Saturday, March 6, 2010

QB's February 2010 Quickies

QB's Quickie icon"So, read any good books lately?"
"What did you think of...?"

Here's my Quickie Reviews to answer to those questions. Click on the Links for more info.

Highland Pleasures, book 1

Category: Lava Cake - reads like warm Chocolate Lava Cake... à la Mode... sprinkled with nuts (A,A-)
Flame Height: 5.5" out of 9"

In our times, Ian would probably have been diagnosed as autistic as a child. But in the Victorian era, his father had him locked away in a brutal asylum. After inheriting the ducal seat upon their father's death, Ian's oldest brother demanded and received his release from the asylum. With his brothers' help, Ian then had to learn how to mimic "normal" human interaction without understanding or feeling it himself.

Look, I'll make my thoughts short and sweet on the story that unfolds-- loved Ian, loved Beth, loved Ian's family. Marvelously, beautifully unique story and characters.
Piquant Opines: KristieJ, Tracy, Karen Scott, Jill D, Dear Author-Janet, RT

Awakening Heroes, book 1

Category: Peanut M&Ms - mmmm...devour... sigh... then reach for the next one. My daily dose of Insanity-B-Gone. (A-,B+,B)
Flame Height: 5" out of 9"

I normally wouldn't give a second glance to a post-apocalypti​c SF romance- they are usually too bleak, depressing and hopeless- but I read somewhere that Joss Ware is another pen name for Colleen Gleason. Talk about extremes! From the Gardella Vampire Chronicles (aka Buffy Does Regency), to post-apocalypti​c SF? I was intrigued. And you know what? I couldn't put it down! I've already bought the next book in the series.

A group of men go caving near Sedona Arizona in 2011. Something happens, and when they dig their way out, it's fifty years later, the world as they knew it has been destroyed, and they seem to have some special powers.

Besides the romance between one of these men, Dr. Elliott Drake, and one of the descendents of survivors, Jade, this book introduces us to a mysterious race of immortal beings and their zombie-like slaves. Did the Strangers have something to do with the destruction of civilization? Who or what are they? We DO find out in this first book, and I've got to say that I never saw THAT one coming! Can't wait to find out what's up with the blondes.

The hairs on the back of Joss Ware's neck should be permanently raised considering the cataclysmic events happening in spots around the world right now that eerily echo the events that happened in her 2011 reality.
Piquant Opines: Book Binge-Casee, Book Binge-Judith, Katiebabs-Kati, Stacy, RT

Lightworld/Dar​kworld, book 1

Category: Dark Chocolate - loved by some, just "meh" to me (C-,D+)
Flame Height: 2" out of 9"

This dark fantasy story SHOULD have worked, but it just felt too disjointed. I never figured out the difference between those in the Lightworld and those in the Darkworld- they ALL lived underground in dark, nasty subway tunnels. And why did they all hate each other? I never understood what kind of being Malachi (the male lead) was before he transformed into a... something (dunno what)... after touching Ayla. I didn't get how they went from mortal enemies to being, after a couple of brief encounters, twooly in luv and willing to give up everything for each other. I found it odd that poor, down-trodden, depressing Ayla suddenly decided she wanted to be Queen.

I REALLY couldn't understand, and REALLY found it odd that I slogged my way through this entire book hoping it would eventually make sense and get better.
Piquant Opines: RBTB-Amy, Feathered Quill, Night Owl, RT

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Bow DownTh-th-that's all folks! Three, count 'em, THREE, whole books for the month of February. No, really, you may rise... It's truly not necessary to bow down in the face of my awesome book reading prowess.

Have you read any of these books? Feel free to review or link to a review in the comments. Even if you don't agree!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I havent clicked here for a few months because it looked like you abandoned the blog. Glad to see your back!

Soooo... I have to ask.. Have you read the last few LKH books? What did you think?

As you remember, I left the Anita books several volumes ago, but I was hanging in there with her Merrys...

I needs to discuss.. I am wondering if even her fans (I was a fan of the early anitas and merry to a lesser extent) are having problems with her last few books..


Bev(QB) said...

Hey Wytherin! What's up?

I didn't actually decide to take a break from blogging, I just got busy and also didn't really feel like discussing books. Hell, as I said HERE, "I think what started it was a string of favorite authors/series with less than stellar, or disappointing, or in some cases flat-out AWFUL books. That snowballed into a reading slump where most books I picked up just seemed like too much of a commitment."

I've got later books from some of those authors sitting here and I just can't bring myself to pick them up yet. And yes, after Blood Noir and Skin Trade, Flirt is one of the books I have sitting here UNREAD (I got a good deal on it) and I still haven't bought Never After.

I'm just trying to find time to do a really long Ranty McRanty Pants post that exorcizes the bad reading mojo with all my negative reviews at one time so I can move on. And yes, I do have a couple of lessor rants about Swallowing Darkness and Divine Misdemeanors, but there are other authors and books that I plan on opening a can of whoop ass on, too.

So stay tuned. ;-p

Anonymous said...

lol, I have gone through the slumps myself at times (and frankly have been so busy that I am loathe to start a book I may have to put down for a week or more)...

I wondered about LKH for you, since you hadnt put up any reviews of her books and I knew she used to be a fav of yours..

I had a problem when the Anitas took a turn towards the erotic, simply because I loved the old ones so much that I couldnt make that switch in my mind... I liked the Merrys (even though I reedited her books a lot) but the last few.. wellllll....

To tell you how bad it was with Divine Mis... I was leery after the last one, which I kinda thought had a good stopping place so I went to the book store prepared to skim and see if I wanted to buy...

an hour later I finished up and decided I didnt need to know anymore... I am sad because at one time the Merrys were a really interesting concept.