Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Christmas in October, Part II

Book Cover A Lick of Frost comes out today! The 6th book in the Merry Gentry series by Laurell K. Hamilton is finally here!

WOOT! Waldens, here I come!

Since I need to leave this reality and dive into Merry's reality, I thought I'd leave you with a few glimpses into Merry's world instead of my regular Tuesday Trio...

And here's two different ways that LissaNY interpreted Merry...

ADDED: There are now spoilers in the comments for this post. Enter at your own risk.


jade_kristen said...

Oooo Bev I got mine yesterday and read it last night. It is so good! I won't spoil it for you but I'm looking forward to hearing what you thought about it. I will be working on reading number two today.

QB said...

GAK!!! Oh.My.God. If you are already starting another reading, that means it's as good as the pre-Mistral's Kiss books, isn't it?

jade_kristen said...

Bev it's fantastic. Damn there's so much I want to say but I don't want to ruin it for you. It is definately better than Mistrals Kiss!
Their is actual one on one time with some of our favorite characters. Ooooo... I'm gonna shut up now. I can't wait to chat with you after you have read it!!

LissaNY said...

I Can't Wait!! I am so looking forward to this book. Between LoF and Bloodfever, I am going to be a happy happy woman (when they come in).

Thanks for the Merry image props. Although I think I am going to have to scratch Rose McGowan off the list. Have you seen how she has f'd up her face?!

QB said...

No, I haven't seen her, but I like the Kate as Merry pic better anyway!

Ah well, back to reading.

jade_kristen said...


Bev I was just on the action and attitude site and seen that you had finnished LoF. Wasn't it good? I was left sad but with hope and all kinds of wild ways that Merry and Frost would still be able to interact. I loved the glimpse of his background we got in this story. I pictured Merry seeing a white stag in a vision on a snow covered hill by a tree and the stag shifting into Frost, and Merry and Frost spending time together that way. I hope that someday Frost will be Frost again, but this has so many possibilities until then. My mind was racing. Imagine the homecoming he will get. YUM!! I love Frost. I'm so looking forward to the next book!
I'm so glad that LKH decided not to let him die. I would have been so sad, and I can see why she was having such a hard time writing that part. He and Rhys are my favorite characters. I'm happy with the ending. I'm sure that some people will have a problem with how convient it is that all her faves are included, but it made me happy. I'm even glad that Mistral was included, he has managed to win himself a place in my heart. Sholto pissed me off in the last book and I was glad to see that Merry didn't just accept him with open arms. But he is redeemable and I'm even happy that he is part of it all. I just loved it and needed to gush! I tried not to spoil too much for those that haven't read it. But I failed miserably so I put up a little warning before I started my gush fest. Because I just couldn't hold back on some of it. You can delete it after you've read it if you don't want spoilers on here. lol. Sorry I couldn't hold back.

QB said...


You are so funny, Jade! But I'm still at the stage of vacillating between "HOLY SHIT" and "SQUEE!"

This book was so freakin' good that I can't even give voice to my reactions yet.

I accidently saw spoilers that her and Rhys (I luvs Rhys) FINALLY had a one on one. Although, it just irks the piss out of me that she can't return his affections. Didn't it break your heart that he had offered for her when her father was alive?

And I knew about the pregnancy and multiple fathers. And I knew about Frost. Actually, I had already suspected that he was out of the picture because LKH had alluded to the fact that she was weeding out the men and she needed to not have so much drama-- hence Frost, aka the drama king, would be the most likely candidate.

I think Galen will be gone, too. I firmly believe that the ring will put him and Maeve together based on the Chalice Dream in Seduced by Moonlight.

jade_kristen said...

I love Rhys too!! And he was breaking my heart throughout this book. Everything that he admitted to Merry and revealed about himself and how much he wants her. I want Merry to love Rhys so badly. I serously don't understand how she can resist loving him. WTF?! I think Rhys will grow on her more and more throughout the books. Seriously how could you not love that guy? I really hope that theirs is a love that will build more and more over the next couple of books. Didn't LKH hint at one time that we would see Rhys get his eye back? Not as in back from the goblins, but that he would have both of his eyes again and have his scars healed. Goodness I can't remember when I heard that but I hope Merry somehow heals him.

And I just can't help myself although I acknowledge that Frost can be such a drama queen I still love him. He just seems so lost to me, I understand Merry's love for him totally. I was so sad when he (as a stag) turned and ran away from them. It felt like he was still in there but just couldn't bear to be with her like that at that moment to me. I can't wait until he appears in the next books. I hope he isn't gone now. I knew LKH wanted to weed out characters but I really don't want to see him GONE for good.

And although I really like Galen, he is probably my next favorite after Rhys and Frost, he is just so sweet. I love that he has loved Merry since she was young and he always loved her for herself. Before there was ever any talk of her becoming Queen. I can see him ending up with someone else too. Although for the life of me right now I can't remember which one Maeve was. lol.

I've stayed away from LKH's board lately because I wanted this book to be 100% totally unspoiled when I read it. And I'm not so good at resisting temptation when it is in front of me. I ended up spoiling The Harlequin for myself because I couldn't stay away from the boards. So I was totally in the dark when I read this book. And I LOVED it. Now it will feel like FOREVER to wait for the next Merry book to come out.

QB said...

I still can't believe a new fairy mound was created in Maeve Reed's house!! (Maeve is the actress that used to be married to Taranus and he sent the nameless after)

A lot of the stuff that happened in this book is what I anticipated happening at the end of the series- her pregnancy, her possibly becoming queen at both courts or creating her own sithen. LKH said the series will end up being between 8-15 books and I can't even imagine what she'll lay on us next!

jade_kristen said...

LOL! OMG Bev I'm slapping my own forehead now. Of course I know who Maeve is, but once you connected Galen to her I came up absolutely blank. lol. Maybe I need to go back and reread the series cause I can't remember the Galen/Maeve part. However I don't concider rereading the series a hardship it's just so damn yummy!!

I'm with you. Alot of the stuff that happened in this book is the kind of stuff I didn't expect until the end of the series either. I'm sure LKH will find new and creative ways to keep our attention. I can't wait to see what happens next! She really threw me for a loop with this one. Waiting will be so hard.