Friday, October 26, 2007

It's All About Me... AGAIN!

I guess I should probably be embarrassed and horrified. First Chantal interviews me, then just a few days later, I've got an "About Me" posted on The Good, the Bad, and the Unread!

Blame Sybil for the Fairy Tale theme. But you KNOW that once she said to start them out with "Once upon a time..." I just HAD to take it right over the top!

Speaking of TGTBTU, we're doing some major renovations over there, so bear with us if things are... odd... for a bit. Well, more odd than usual anyway.

ADDED: So what do you think of my two TGTBTU identifying icons? There was some concern that my M&M jeans weren't PG enough for syndication, so I decided to switch to the chocolate angel instead. But I'm thinking about still using the M&M jeans for my erotic book reviews. I'm just not sure if that would be confusing or not.


Marg said...

I like the M&M jeans!

sybil said...

The TGTBTU across the crotch makes me giggle. I am not sure why. LOL

QB said...

Yeah, Marg, I like it too, plus it ties into the whole M&M thing I've got going on over here. But it's probably too racy for non-erotic reviews.

And Syb, you're weird.