Monday, October 8, 2007

I'm all atwitter

First of all... UGH... I'm STILL in work crunch mode. This weekend was Homecoming so I lost two evenings and a day of worktime. I'm HOPING I can finish by late tomorrow.

But, I did score big this weekend over on Lust Bites! WOOT! I won a copy of Mathilde Madden's The Silver Collar (Black Lace) which just released in the UK but won't release here in the US until the end of November. It's the first book in her new erotic Silver Werewolves series. And you KNOW I luvs me some lusty werewolves! You can read more about it from her posts/excerpts over on Lust Bites, or visit her website or her Silver Werewolves blog.

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