Sunday, October 28, 2007

What Happened?!

So there we are, living our lives and BAM! 21 years have flown by! I keep saying I won't feel old so long as our youngest is still in grade school (this is his last year), but today has got me all weepy and nostalgic and I feel way too much like a grown-up right now.

Happy 21st Birthday Wo-Wo!

Happy 21st Birthday JuJu Beano!

Seems appropriate that they are not home, but instead are off doing their own thing. The Wo-Wo called me from a birthday party at his frat house (a bit inebriated, as you can imagine) at midnight his time (1 AM our time) to announce he was FINALLY 21! All he's EVER wanted to be, from probably age 3, was a meteorologist. That stuff has always fascinated him, so he's only a year and a half away from realizing his dream. I don't have a clue what opportunities are out there for him, but there has never been any question about what he would do with his life.

As I've mentioned before, JuJu Beano is studying in Rome and the Vatican this semester. This weekend, they took a side trip to the Lake Region of Italy. She isn't real sure what she wants to do, but most of her interests fall under the heading of Communications so that is what she's majoring in. She is a nose-to-the-grindstone person. One B in all of high school, one B so far in college, the rest are A's. She is not much of a partier and I had to laugh when she told me that, since there is no age limit for drinking in Italy, she has an occasional Pina Colada with dinner. Yes, in Rome, with all their Italian vinyards, my JuJu drinks $10 Pina Coladas! That just makes me giggle.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to my babies. Welcome to the World of Responsibilities.

BTW, that curly hair of hers is natural. She HATES it and straightens it all the time. My younger daughter has poker straight hair and is frustrated that it won't hold a curl for more than a few minutes. Go figure.