Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Vacashun. I hadz it.

Most summers we rent a beach house, usually somewhere within driving distance of the Land O' the Grey (NE Ohio, although this year's 12 hour drive was the upper limit of what I can endure without an overnight stop). As usual, I didn't start looking for a place until a few months ago, so I didn't have a specific destination in mind, just oceanfront with a private pool for $5k or under and with a bunch of bedrooms and bathrooms. This year my search led to a place we'd never been before-- Emerald Isle, NC-- which is at the western end of Bogue Island (yes, confusing as it is, the island runs west-east).

And you know what? I think it may be my favorite beach town so far-- not too commercialized, not too crowded, yet everything we needed (like groceries, shopping, activities) was available right on the island without constant trips to the mainland or fighting traffic. But unlike the Outer Banks, there were boogie board worthy waves for the demon spawn, and they broke close to shore which made me feel like they were safer.

The house wasn't bad, could use a little updating/preventive maintenence before it gets away from the owner, but as with most beach houses, it had three floors with the main floor on top. The trouble with this one was that it had the steepest damn steps inside the house, outside the house, and leading to the beach. My poor knees and ankles may never be the same! OUCH!

This trip we only had one "borrowed" minion of my demon spawn. All my previous MomMobiles have had seating for 8 so we'd "borrow" two minions, but my current MomMobile only seats 7 (I decided AWD and luxury trumped the extra seat this time). We decided that our most pleasant child (note sarcasm), Monkeybutt (who turned 16 the day before we left), needed to bring a minion to keep her entertained and maybe the venom wouldn't spew so readily. It worked-- they hung out together and stayed the hell away from the rest of us most of the week. WHAT?! Trust me, it was the only reason we returned with the same number of demon spawn that we left with. Seriously.

Now, Emerald Isle is right next to Camp Lejeune-- as in MARINES, so I was sincerely hoping to strain my eyes trying to take in all the eye candy catching a little R&R on the beach. Alas, only one. But he was USDA Prime Eye Candy-- definitely not a Baby Blue Marine; nope, this was a seasoned soldier, humpin' his backpack down the beach wearing nothing but his fatigue pants and boots. Naturally it wasn't when I had my camera on the beach ::pouts:: But, OH LAWDY! Dat Marine could semper my fi anytime he wants!

So with vacation over, it's now time for EOM work crunch and then back-to-school shopping because the younger two demon spawn start on August 21st. Which (and I can't believe I'm saying this) is too damn early!

Oh, btw, I took several print books, ebooks and audio books with me and I only got around to reading THREE! For some reason, I mostly just felt like staring at the waves.

But those three were good 'uns:

Dark Designs by Madelynne Ellis (Black Lace) HUGE thanks to Madame Butterfly for sending this one! Note to self: even Madelynne's contemporaries completely rock!

The Bride of Casa Dracula (Casa Dracula, Book 3) by Marta Acosta Yep, that's right-- Marta sent me the ARC and yep, I agree-- I am one lucky beotch! Expect a commentary on this one. It releases 09/16, so that gives you just enough time to read the first two books in the series. Here's the trailor for book 1, Happy Hour at Casa Dracula, and here's the trailor for this 3rd book-- McDreamy, Armitage, and Gerry Butler all overlaid with the Jonesian® Effect. WOOT!

The Touch of Twilight (Sign of the Zodiac, Book 3) by Vicki Pettersson I have no idea why I've let this one lay around in my TBR for so long!


Marta said...

You are also one lucky beotch to get a vacation at a beach house! I am totally jealousing now.

Hope you enjoyed the sun, sand, and books! Be sure to check out the very grim and academic book trailers I made for this series.

Anonymous said...

My kids nixxed the beach this year, we did the mountains (which I loved because I hate the heat, and it was only a 10 hour drive)...

So.... Have you read Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs yet? It was wonderful... More romance than Merry, but a very meaty story too... You learn more about Bran and Leah and even Samuel...


Bev(QB) said...

MARTA! They freakin' ROCK!! I just added the links above and I now have a much greater appreciation for Oswald (and Milagro's attraction to him). I'm sure you posted those over on, but I am sooooo far behind in my blog visits that I missed them.

You know, I don't know what the West and Gulf coasts are like, but the entire East coast is completely covered in beach towns with rental houses and condos, so really it's not that unusual for those of us anywhere near the East coast to rent for a week or month. In fact there are some areas, like the Grand Strand from Wilmington NC down through Myrtle Beach, SC that it seems there are more Ohio license plates than there are any other states! Ohioans DO like to escape the Grey!

(pssstt... btw, the link for Bride from your blog is broken)

Wytherin... mountains? As in MOSQUITOS and other creepy crawlies?! Uh... not for me even though it was hotter 'n hell the first couple of days at the beach.

No, I haven't had time to get my butt to the bookstore to pick up any new books AT ALL! GAK! But then again, that means I'm still TBR diving so that's a GOOD thing, right? Although I AM lusting after the Briggs book--- she is just such an amazing writer.

Madame Butterfly said...

Oh, how fun for you guys. I'm at my mom's in FL, but she's inland. My dad has a rental on Myrtle Beach and I've been there a few times off season. It's very nice there.

Oh and west coast is also full of beach towns.

Glad you got some reading in. And very glad you liked Dark Designs. I just love the way Madelynne writes, no matter what. I've ordered Passion of Isis and hope it's just as good.

Anonymous said...

Wytherin... mountains? As in MOSQUITOS and other creepy crawlies?! Uh... not for me even though it was hotter 'n hell the first couple of days at the beach

We went at the beginning of June (right when the kids got out of school, because summer is my busiest work time)... We were fighting snow at some spots still.. It was usually 70 degrees during the day, going down almost to freezing at night, so the squitos were not around yet... The crowds werent' there yet either (they were due to arrive the week after we left)....

I can always slather on mosquito repellent, but I admit, I can't take the heat... We went to Hilton Head SC one year in early July and I roasted.. The water was even too warm for me...