Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Last Night's Score...

Kenyon, Sherrilyn - Acheron - Dark-Hunter, Book 12 (St. Martin's Hardcover)

Laurenston, Shelly and Eden, Cynthia - When He was Bad, novella anthology (Brava Trade)

Amber, Elizabeth - Lyon: The Lords of Satyr, book 3 (Aphrodisia Trade)

Briggs, Patricia - Cry Wolf, Anna and Charles 1

Harrison, Kim (editor) Hotter Than Hell- SS anthology

Galenorn, Yasmine - Dragon Wytch - Sisters of the Moon 4

Gleason, Colleen - When Twilight Burns: Gardella Vampire Chronicles 4

Mead, Richelle - Storm Born - Dark Swan, book 1

And they were out of this one, but I ordered it:

Telep, Trisha (editor) The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romances - anthology (Running Press Trade)

Weird... none of the html commands for centering are working tonight. Not even the the Blogger center button in compose mood is working. ::shrugs::


Madame Butterfly said...

Wow, Bev, they all look like really good books. I have When He Was Bad. I really liked Cynthia Eden's Hotter After Midnight, which you recommended, so I'm hoping this book is just as good.

Not even the the Blogger center button in compose mood is working. ::shrugs::

Maybe you should have tried it in Mozilla. :P *runs and hides*

Anonymous said...

Cry wolf is FABULOUS....

I read Archeron yesterday...Let me start by saying that I haven't read the last few Kenyon books because they were driving me nuts... Lets just say that Archeron didn't change my opinion... I'm done with Kenyon working out her childhood issues on paper... Your mileage may vary

Let me know what you think of those two...


JenB said...

I hear great things about Hotter than Hell, and I *really* want to try Storm Born.

Lucky you!

Bev(QB) said...

You know what's weird? After I got the books home, I realized I wasn't in the mood for the Kenyon OR the Briggs! Nor the other Insatiable Lusts! Fickle? Who ME?!

But I was in the mood for the Mead, and now I'm reading the Galenorn. Even weirder that I'm reading that one since I just got around to reading the previous book in the series the other day.

::shrugs:: Just goes to show that you never know what will catch the fancy of any particular reader at any point in time. Maybe I've got some subconscious motives for putting them off-- the Briggs because I will enjoy it so damn much that nothing else will please me; the Kenyon because I just KNOW that no author could EVER measure up to the anticipation there has been for YEARS for Ash's story. Or maybe because I don't have time right now to lose myself in these long awaited (and in Kenyon's case, LONG) books right now. I dunno.

And Ms. MB, I don't think it had anything to do with my operating system, I think it was (is? I haven't checked) a Blogger glitch because I know there have been some other glitches with the Blogger editors lately. So... PPHHHTTTT on your Firefox!! ;-p

Kris said...

I liked the Briggs and Galenorn. I have Nicholas by Amber but could not get through it. I have Acheron but have not stated it yet. Can't wait to read the Laurenston.

Happy reading, you got a good haul :)