Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Blog Karma

I love Blog Karma. That's my name for the lovely little gems you discover by clicking on and following links in blogs.

♥ I'm not sure where I originally found Annie Dean's blog (probably Bam), but I drop by there a couple of times a day (at least) and last week she blogged about Cynthia Eden's new book deal so I followed the link to check it out. Turns out that Cynthia writes books that warm the cockles of this werewolf-ho's heart (and lower places). Her new one coming out with Brava, Touching the Darkness, sounds soooo enjoyable!

Anyway, Cynthia's blog linked to the Brava Authors group blog which was having a contest to celebrate Cynthia's becoming their newest addition. So, I commented and congratulated her. Well, today I got an email that I WON THE $15 GIFT CERTIFICATE FROM AMAZON!! WOO-HOO! Blog Karma!!

♥Yesterday, I was over at Sean Michael's site and from there wandered over to a few Torquere Press pages on their site. I decided I might as well sign up for their mailing list while I was there. Turns out that signing up also entered me in an email drawing. So, also today, I received an email that I HAD WON A FREE EBOOK DOWNLOAD FROM TORQUERE!! Scarlet and the White WolfBook 3: The Land of Night by Kirby Crow. Blog Karma again!

♥Speaking of Annie Dean and Blog Karma, head over to Annie's Blog RIGHT NOW!!! She's got a book releasing next week at Loose-Id, The Average Girl's Guide to Getting Laid, that I would probably buy for the title alone! But since I'm addicted to Annie's blog (she's even on my Sweet 'n Sour Everyday Favorites list) , I can't wait to hear her "voice" in this book, too.

So she's running a contest for a $50 AMAZON GIFT CERTIFICATE (yes, I typed that correctly). Two ways to enter- either come up with a caption for her Chimp pic (creativity isn't important, it's a random, but fun, drawing) or blog about and link to the contest. Or do both and get two entries! Her kidlet is going to pull the winning name next week. Be sure to go back and visit her again, she's hilarious and interesting- even if she can't be goaded into doing anal scenes! LMFAO- I think it's Bam you need to blame for that bit of TMI, Annie!!!


Ann(ie) said...

Thanks for the pimpage! But gosh, you made me blush. *blushes more*

You know, looking at the pic on your blog gave me a cool story idea. I was thinking at some point, I might write a riff on the Cindarella story.

But here's the twist. The prince catches sight of the Fairy Godmother, typically portrayed as matronly, right, and she's the one he wants. The Fairy Godmother is all, "No, doofus, the prince marries the PRINCESS," and the story is about her trying to make the fairy tale go as written, and the prince trying to get into her magical knickers. It'd be light, funny and sexy, as I see it. Whatcha think?

QB said...

LMAO!! I LOVE it!!!! Faery Godmother FINALLY gets some! I know I'd like to read that one!

And who knows, it may get you started on a whole new series!


The 3 little pigs and the big bad wolf- all that huffin' and puffin' and blowin'? I think there's a story there, too! LOL!

Rhian / Crowwoman said...

Annie's book was amazing! Dang QB - it took me forever to relocate a link back to your blog. Adding you to my linkage so i don't lose you again.

QB said...

LOL, rhian! All you had to do was go to the comments on Annie's blog, I can usually be found somewhere in there.

And I'm sure she'll be thrilled that you loved her book, I haven't bought it yet, but I fully intend to.