Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ta-DAH!! I've been Tweaked!!!

My super intelligent niece, LissaNY, has sent me all the magic words I needed to get this blog tweaked just how I want it in Firefox, IE6, IE7, and AOL. A thousand Thanks You's, Missy!

But if anyone else sees something hinky or floating around where it shouldn't be, tell me, okay?

And, if you're feeling generous, I am now officially collecting "people/body parts dipped in chocolate" pics. (hint hint) To clarify- I'm looking for more ART Photographs of people or body parts that appear to be dipped in or made of chocolate. I am NOT, however, looking for X-Rated candy that several sites sell nor am I looking for any do-it-yourself pics. Thanks.


LissaNY said...

Thanks for the props!

You aren't looking for pics of "do-it-yourself" chocolate coated body parts...Right?? :eeeek:

QB said...

ACK!!! Good point- let me go change that post!

LissaNY said...

Too bad you clarified that - you could have had yourself a whole second blog theme going on!

LissaNY said...


love it!

QB said...


Ann(ie) said...

This looks awesome!