Tuesday, April 10, 2007

First Impressions - The Harlequin

I've finished reading Laurell K. Hamilton's The Harlequin. Here's my first impressions...

This book should come with a warning to sit down, strap in, buckle up, then hang on tight before reading this breathtaking ride that is The Harlequin! So much happens in this one, and much of it could effect many future books, that I'm going to need time to digest it and organize my thoughts. Probably read it a second time, too. But I can tell you that I gasped, my heart broke, I giggled, I was horrified, I forgot to breathe, I laughed out loud, I was moved to tears, and at one point, I actually threw my fist in the air and squeaked "YES!" out loud. In other words, I loved this book!!

But give me a couple of days, and I'll have a longer answer. I consider it a great honor and a great responsibility to be the first "civilian" to read The Harlequin and comment on it. And do it in a way that gives no further details away than what we already know. I couldn't stand the guilt if I spoiled the joy of reading this for someone.

To be honest, if I already hadn't delayed some work to read this the first time, I'd be on my second read and eagerly writing a very lengthy Cubie's Commentary about it.

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