Monday, September 15, 2008

Bloggers and Blowhards and Blood.. OH MY!

Today's the day! Book Blooger Appreciation Week starts today! Created and tirelessly spearheaded by Amy (YEAH AMY!) over at MyFriendAmy, BBAW links a bazillion (okay, that's a wee bit of an overstatement) reader blogs together to celebrate our love of reading. And it's not just books in the Romance genre, there's everything from Inspirational, to Sci-fi, to Horror, to Mystery, to general fiction, and everything in between. A HUGE thanks, also, to the entertaining and informative ladies over at Book Binge, for pointing me in Amy's direction.

And there's prize givaways... LOTS and LOTS of PRIZES.

So start over at Amy's blog with her Official BBAW GIveaway List

And here is the list of blogs participating in BBAW. I believe Amy will be keeping this as a permanent reader blog directory long after BBAW week is over. I've already found a couple to revisit and Jill D. has been added to my Google Reader- she's got Faefever booklust too..

Now, watch Amy's blog for regular BBAW posts, such as today's WELCOME. And don't forget to explore new blogs using Mr. Linky, and watch for raffles just like this one running over at Amy's right now.

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Ike blew through here yesterday. Now, keep in mind that I'm clear up in northeast Ohio, about halfway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, and yet the winds were so strong that power is still out for a large portion of the area and schools are closed. We're lucky because our power came back on right before midnight, and surprisingly, so did our cable (which usually goes out if someone farts or sneezes too close to their equipment). And we're REALLY lucky that Ike's rain bands that went through the Chicago area moved well to the north of us, we've had more than enough rain over the past week. So only high winds, no rain. Which is odd because we almost always get heavy rains from hurricanes that hit the Gulf coast and often outer bands from the east coast storms, but I don't ever remember one that had this much wind force still left in it by the time it reached us- even Katrina.

Now, lest the above be mistaken for a whine... it's not. My point is that I truly cannot comprehend what Ike at full strength was like. To be that strong clear up here, it had to be packing a wallop not just in Galveston, where most of the news crews are at, but there must be devastation throughout the central U.S. My son, who is in western Indiana near Chicago, said there is flooding throughout that whole area. And according to LKH's blog, the St. Louis area got hit pretty hard too.

So my heart, prayers and positive thoughts go out to all throughout the country who are dealing with the aftermath of this storm.

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With no power, I missed the 9 PM airing of True Blood episode 2, but since the power came back on 10 minutes before the midnight re-airing, and since I was wide awake, I did get to see it after all.

Did you catch the boo-boos? Here's the two I noticed, although there could be more:

1. When Sookie arrived at the site of the overturned trailor, she had to duck under the crime scene tape. But when the Sheriff arrived, he had a clear path through the barricades.

2. After Sookie realized she was healed from drinking Bill's blood, he said that they were trying to keep that side effect of drinking Vamp blood quiet. Um... wouldn't one of those V-Juice junkies have noticed and mentioned that side effect?

As much as I've been enjoying the hell outta this HBO series, last night I realized what's missing- When Sookie gives Bill those confused, or scared, or fascinated, or blank stares, we as viewers don't know what's going through her mind. So, for someone who hasn't read the books, I can see how they would perceive those expressions as vacant or goofy. But in the books, we know her thoughts and know WHY she has a particular look on her face. And in other parts of the books, Sookie outwardly acts with perceived cowardice by walking away from fights, but inwardly her dialogue lets us know that either she doesn't think the person or argument is worth it, or it costs her nothing to let the other person be right, or she's so mad she knows she won't be able to control what she says. To me, a little more dialogue would seem to be in order.

Oh, and see that True Blood promo that I've had in my sidebar for awhile now? The past two days it only shows that it's loading, yet never loads. Is that just for me? Is it loading for anyone else? I even deleted the code and recopied it from the site, but it's still not working and I need more sweepstakes codes, dammit!


movie buff said...

True Blood resembles Heroes at first glance (just rented the first episode from Blockbuster), though it still feels mostly original... for some reason this show makes me want to eat Cajun food and drink cheap beer

Bev(QB) said...

LOL! Yeah, I adore the atmosphere that Harris created in the books. Being a Southern lady herself, she definitely understands the rhythms unique to the region.

I can't say that I see the comparison to Heroes, although I only watched the first few episodes of Heroes when it first started airing. Can you elaborate? Cuz now you've got me curious.

Anonymous said...

I am so on the fence on this series. I don't know that I would be watching it if I wasn't already a fan of the books.

My problems come more from the fact that Jason is such a big part of the series (so far anyway) and that I can't stand the freaking character... I want his ass in jail... I am also not terribly comfortable watching the graphic sex (I didn't let my daughter watch it this week), of course so far the sex has been with characters that I don't like, I might feel differently when Bill and Sookie do the deed...

I am still willing to wait and see, but its kind of tainting my love of the book at the moment... If that continues I will quit watching so as to preserve my love of the Sookster..

Not really complaining, I know that there is no way that Alan Ball can please all the fans both new and old... Just not sure this is a preferred venue for me..

Bev(QB) said...

Here's an interview with Ball that addresses some of that:

But I really think that, just as Sookie's internal thoughts are the key to the books, giving her more dialogue to express some of those thoughts, rather than expecting us to interpret her expressions, is also the key to the series. I can also see his point in expanding the other characters' roles and my guess is that the smexxoring is to attract HBO's normal audience whether or not they are familiar with the books.
So, I guess we, as fans of the books, need to decide whether his compromises work for us. Right now, they do for me.

Anonymous said...

good article...and I agree that they had to have different POVs to flesh out the series... I guess my biggest problem is that so far its mostly been Jason and he was never that interestng a character for me, even in the books(and so far, he is even more sleazy than the books)..

I am still hanging in there, hopefully for me I will be able to seperate the series from the books. But then I have to ask myself, do I enjoy the series on its own? Who knows.. Truthfully, I watch very little tv, so if its not for me, its not a big loss...


Bev(QB) said...

Yeah, Jason is definitely not very likeable in the books, and it looks like they're being true to his character in the show because he's dawg in that too.

Devon said...

I'm on the fence about the series, though it has piqued my interest enough to stick with it awhile. I'm not sure if it's capturing the atmosphere/flavor enough for me. Part of the problem may be that I started the books late, and have never been a Bill fan, I don't know.

I'm curious about tonight.

Bev(QB) said...

Right now, the biggest weakness for me is that lack of dialog. The meaningful glances just aren't meaningful enough.

Nonetheless, I'm enjoying the hell outta it. I read the first, maybe the second book. But then nothing until the later ones when I started listening to the audio books, which don't start up until later in the series. (Although they are now going back and releasing the early ones too.) So I really don't remember a whole lot of details of those first book(s) other than the fact that they were just kind of "meh" to me (unlike the audio books which I LOVE).