Monday, September 1, 2008

Hell Week in Review

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Last spring, my oldest son and one of his buddies arranged for an off-campus apartment. So last weekend, he called his friend to see which day he’d be moving in. Friend says, “I’ll call you back.” Friend calls back and says “My parents won’t pay for the apartment.” Keep in mind that classes were starting up in a couple of days. So my son spent the weekend finding another apartment through faxes and phone calls (his school is about 5.5-6 hours away in Indiana). So after finding one and jumping through all the paperwork hoops, he finally left on Tuesday, which meant he missed the first day of classes.

Step back to last Spring for a minute. He asked us if he could get a dog and we said no. Not just no, but HELL NO! Well damned if he doesn’t go to the pound and get one that day anyway. Needless to say, we were livid and refused to let him bring the dog home. He ended up keeping it at a friend of my husband’s whose dog had recently died. He’d hang out over there with it and would bring him over here sometimes. Very nice dog—Shelty and Goldie mix—but we do not want any more pets and it was the principle of him not understanding whose house this is.

Anyway, Son grew to love that dog, dog was devoted to him. One of his biggest hurdles in finding an apartment was finding one that accepted pets. So the day after Son and dog left for school, he called. The dog had just run out into the road and been killed. He was devastated. My other kids were upset. We were all heartbroken for him. This is the same kid who left half his classes incomplete last Spring because him and his girlfriend had broken up, so needless to say, we are afraid that the death of his dog is going to fuck-up his head even worse.

Then on Friday, we moved our oldest daughter back to campus FOR THE 4TH TIME THIS YEAR! Geesh! Last year, she spent fall semester studying in Rome and the Vatican so we didn’t have to move her on campus. It wasn’t until January that we moved her in--- to what is called the THIRD floor, but is actually the FOURTH floor since the basement level is only a couple of feet in the ground. The only elevator is the freight elevator AND IT WAS BROKEN!

Then, in the Spring, she had an internship at Playhouse Square in downtown Cleveland (which I didn’t realize was the largest US theater district outside of NY) in the promotions/marketing dept. She absolutely loved it! Part of her job was to escort the talent to media sites for promos. When she was escorting the cast of Jersey Boys, she sat and talked to an older British man for quite some time while the Boys were doing a radio show. Turns out the man was Paul McCartney’s brother!

Anyway, they were great enough that they were willing to accommodate her class schedule last Spring. But that meant her internship would continue until the end of June. So mid-May, we had to move her OUT of the 4th floor dorm (freight elevator STILL not working), across the street to ANOTHER dorm where all the summer class kids were housed. Then six weeks later, we had to move her out of that dorm and move everything home.

Then Friday, back up everything went. Although this time we lucked out and the ancient freight elevator was actually working. Barely, but it did get you there eventually.

After all that, they both ended up coming home for the weekend. Which meant a trip to HellMart to get a few household must-haves for my son. And God-forbid my daughter not realize that there were a few MORE things she absolutely needed to have too.

Oh, wait. I didn’t mention what we realized a couple of weeks ago. I was afraid this would happen. Assuming my son gets his shit together and actually graduates, their graduations are going to be held ON THE EXACT SAME DAY!! Now, as I said, our son is 5.5-6 hrs away in Indiana, our daughter is just over an hour away in Cleveland. So there is no way to attend both. So it looks like my husband and youngest son will go to Indiana, while my daughter, my mother and I will head up for my daughter’s graduation. I don’t even want to think about the moving out without my husband there. GAK!

So they are both back at school now. And not a half hour after our older daughter leaves, our younger daughter, who just got her driver’s license a couple of weeks ago, brings her car limping up the driveway. SUPPOSEDLY, she was pulling into Walgreens to pick up some photos, when a car pulled out real fast and she had to swerve to avoid it. Okay, we’ve all been there, but how fast was she turning that she hit the curb so hard that she broke off an 8” chunk of the wheel cover, AND the car is now vibrating so hard you can barely hold the wheel AND there’s no power steering, AND when shut off, the fans keep running!!! So, into the shop tomorrow.

Lest I forget demon spawn #4, our youngest son’s first football game is tomorrow night. He remembers them telling him that the time on the schedule is wrong, but he isn’t sure what time it will actually be, AND he isn’t sure what time he has to be there, AND he doesn’t know if he can come home first or he’s just supposed to stay at school. (uh, sister doesn’t have car now, so how’s he getting here? Uh... that would be ME... assuming I know whether to get him or not, which is a PITA because school is 40 minutes round trip).

And to top all of that off, tomorrow SHOULD be my “HALLELUJAH!! I’VE GOT THE HOUSE TO MYSELF AGAIN!!” day where I sit in total silence and just read, read, read. But instead, I’m stuck in end of month work crunch. So both my Hallelujah Day and my Back-to-School Playdate with the hubby have been postponed. Dammit.

Oh, and I’m still trying to finish my de-clutter orgy. The laundry/craft/sewing/pantry room is next.

Pic below has nothing to do with anything. It just set off my inner 15-year-old giggle meter.

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Madame Butterfly said...

QB--When I read this, I thank God I never had kids. LOL Just little bundles of joy and bliss.

No seriously, you're doing great considering.

My one sister, the only one brave enough of us three to have kids, is trying to get the oldest out of the house and on his own. Although he and the younger one are pretty together and pretty much take care of themselves.

It's a never ending thing though isn't it? Wait until they're like 35 and moving back in with you. :D

I give you the patient parent award cause you haven't lost your mind yet. LOL

Bev(QB) said...

"Wait until they're like 35 and moving back in with you"

Shit, I just want them to move out by the time they're 35! I'd like to hang the "RETURNS NOT ACCEPTED" sign out, but my hubby is a pushover and doesn't have the word "No" in his vocabulary.

This past week is why I always smirk at the Romance readers' cliched bored housewife image. Boring would be WELCOME and READING is not only an escape, but I'm pretty sure it's all that stands between me and total insanity (as opposed to my current semi-quackers state).

JenB said...

Posts like this only reinforce my decision to never have children. *adds more condoms to the shopping list*

You mean you don't really just sit around the house in a satin gown and fuzzy slippers watching soaps and eating a Whitman's Sampler? ;)

Bev(QB) said...

Okay, ya got me... sorta. It's actually sweats and Peanut M&Ms while reading my housewife porn.