Thursday, August 9, 2007

Another Fountain of Chocolate Fondue

♥ Head over to Rhian's Blog. She sooo nailed the "joys" of aging! If you are too young to be experiencing these "joys", go see what you can anticipate. If you are over 45, go share a belly laugh because you WILL see yourself over there! Don't forget to read the comments cause there is a whole lot of commiserating happening in there!

♥ More pimpage for Michele Hauf's Familiar Stranger-- Devon just posted her review. Interesting that both Michele and Devon think Jason Stratham would be a perfect Jack. Now that I've seen pics of him, I agree. Who picked the Jack for the cover pic anyhow? They could NOT have read the book.

♥ Did you happen to read Jaci Burton's blog yesterday? This is why I'm so fascinated by the writing process. Really, having mental conversations with myself isn't anywhere near as interesting. Laurell Hamilton's blog from yesterday is equally as fascinating (note that I linked to a board copy instead of the actual blog- that green on black blog will make you BLIND!). ADDED: Oh, and here's LKH's blog from today.

♥ Over on The Good, The Bad and the Unread, Gwen has her review for Lora Leigh's Tanner's Scheme up. *swoon* In release order, it's the third Breed book released through Berkley. Chronologically, it would be the 9th Breed book out of 17. Yeah, I know it's confusing. Check out the comments to Gwen's post for an explanation for the convoluted Breeds timeline. Lora's Breed series has a permanent place on my Crème Brûlée list!

♥ Speaking of Lora Leigh, I'm sending good thoughts her way. She fell soon after her recent Michigan book signing and seriously sprained her upper leg, the muscles between knee and ankle, and twisted the ankle pretty bad. And now it turns out, they've discovered she actually fractured her leg, too! OUCH! Pain killers are your friend, Lora!

♥ Remember the commentary I did about Shiloh "I don't need no stinkin' rules" Walker's Hunters series right after Hunter's Salvation was released? Well, she's now claiming plausible deniability. Seems she thinks if she claims she doesn't know anything about the Paranormal Romance Rulebook, then she can't be blamed for breaking any of the rules therein! Hmmmph! The Brat might be far more clever than I thought.

♥ Check out the new look at Marta Acosta's Vampirewire. Cool Beans, baby! She's gonna have a book give away and interview with author Sunny on Monday. What? Why yes, of COURSE I'll behave myself! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

♥ By the way, if you noticed that Marta's two books, Happy Hour at Casa Dracula and Midnight Brunch, have been sitting over on my Recent Savorings list for a while waiting for commentary, there IS a reason. I could not put these books down, but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to explain WHY they were so damn good! They just defy easy explanation and none of the other reviews I've seen so far have completely nailed them either! So, THAT commentary is going to take some time to write. And it hasn't helped that, every time I pick up one of the books to get some ideas, I find myself completely lost to the world reading them again!

♥ And since I'm 'splainin' stuff, I want to mention something about audio books. I make a point to only listen to them when I'm doing certain work tasks that allow me to set my brain on automatic pilot. So, it is not unusual for me to take a month or two to listen to an entire audio book! Right now, I'm about to start the third Raintree audio book, then I'll move on to some of the others I've bought ( had a big sale recently). Since I ended up buying Karen Marie Moning's re-release on CD from Borders (with a 30% coupon), I think I might save it to listen to in the Mom-Mobile if I go to that board get together next month. (and no, I'm still not completely sure whether I'm going, but I have stuck my toe in the water and posted on the board a few times).

♥ On the way home from cheerleader carpool today, I heard a song on the radio that started me crying-- Tim McGraw's I'm Already Home. Doesn't matter if you are a big fan of his or not (and actually I'm not), that is an unbelievably moving song.

♥ And while I'm thinking about music, I've got some bitchin' to do about His Garthness! I came across this the other day: "Garth Brooks just may be coming out of retirement ... again. The country megastar is said to be working on a two-disc compilation to be released on Big Machine Records, the independent label that recently signed his wife Trisha Yearwood.

The effort will reportedly include four new songs plus 30 of his biggest hits. The CDs will also come with a DVD featuring 33 of Brooks' music videos

Here's my posted reaction: " Let me first establish that I ADORE Garth (what an understatement). And not just for HIS music. Like a lot of people in the late 80's/early 90's, I found myself mostly listening to oldies rock stations because there just wasn't much worth listening to on Top 40 stations at the time. Then Garth exploded on the scene and my ears perked right up. Well, Garth ended up bringing a whole lot of us over to Country music and we're still there.

But having said all that, this announcement doesn't excite me AT ALL. Why? Because, once again, we're getting recycled Garth with a couple of unheard songs thrown in. Once or twice was one thing, but this kind of stuff has just been going on too long. To me, he is exploiting his fans by taking advantage of our hunger for new Garth songs. Need more cash? Hungering for some adoration? Throw another retread out there and watch those fans snatch it up.

Sorry, Garth. I luvs ya, but you've jumped the shark.


Rhian / Crowwoman said...

Awww - thanks for the aging love Bev! grin! PS - where do i find your email? Got a weird question for you. Yeah, i know - coming from me that could mean anything. Mildly weird.

QB said...

I just emailed you, Rhi.

Should I be afraid?

Gwen said...

Danggit, Bev! My TBR pile was plenty big enough and you had to go add to it!


And tell that Shiloh that I've seen people get tickets for flaunting rulebooks as badly as she does!

shiloh walker said...

now now... i can't flagrantly break rules if i don't know they exist.

if they do exist, send me the rule book. Then I will flagrantly break them. :P Actually, flagrantly breaking rules is more fun than unwittingly breaking them.

Jaci Burton said...

You mean everyone doesn't talk to themselves? Um, I mean their characters? ;-)

QB said...

Hey Gwen? Backatcha, babe! Quid pro quo!

Geesh, Shiloh, ever since word got out that you're a Breed, you've become down right ALPHA!

Jaci, I DO talk to myself. But when I do, I'm having a conversation with ME, not.. um... other people.

Hmmmm. reminds me of something I heard once: Just because you talk to yourself doesn't mean you're insane. It's when you talk to yourself. Answer yourself. Then ask "What did you say?" that you know you have a problem.