Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bridezilla Flattens U.K.

From dlisted:

"This is my dream wedding. This clip below comes from Britian's ITV1 and their show "Britian's Youngest Brides." 18-year-old Catrina Nolan's wedding dress alone cost $12,000. It was 40-feet wide, weighed almost 250 pounds and made with satin, feathers, lace, 20 layers of underskirts and a bodice covered in Swarvoski crystals in a heart and star design. Catrina said she wanted a dress that nobody would forget.

It took nearly 4 people to cram Catrina into the limo. The look on her face during the limo ride to the church is amazing. She can't breathe! She looks like she's going to die!

The wedding party wore hot pink and the little girls wore outfits that shouldn't be seen in public unless you are a hooker working the corner.

Now I know where the term "Bridezilla" came from. Crazy drag queen walks like Godzilla in that monstrosity of a dress. And she inflicted her penchant for pouf on her bridesmaids AND her guests! Wish they would have YouTubed the reception, though. Think about it... Bridezilla... Hokey Pokey... "Turn Yourself Around"... she probably took out all her guests in one fell swoop.


Anne Douglas said...

Good God! LOL, no high heels for her, she had to have trainers!

Alexandra L. said...

Can someone say "white trash wedding"?

QB said...
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QB said...

Alexandra, I think they refered to them as Travelers. Isn't that what modern day Gypsies are called?

QB said...

Anne, I can't even guess how she was able to walk AT ALL with the weight of that dress! 250 pounds!