Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tuesday Trio

Since I spend so much time talking about the books that have given me such mental enjoyment, I thought I should further expand my mind through the Art of Photography. So every Tuesday I will present a trio of studies of the human anatomy.

What? Why, yes! You're absolutely right. How astutely observant you are! They DO all happen to be the study of the MALE human anatomy. And your point would be...?

The subject of this week's study will be The Body as an Object of Worship...

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See, Sybil? ANGELS! Even YOUR delicate sensibilities can't be offended by ANGELS can they? Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Mandy Leigh said...

Wow! Those are SOME pictures, aren't they? So what's your rating on those ;)? I just got into the whole blog thing a couple days ago, and when I stumbled on your site, it became a fast favorite!!! Keep up the good work- I know it's hard, but someone has to do it!

QB said...

Welcome to the blogosphere's Romancelandia, Mandy! And welcome to my blog! I'm all kinds of happy that you're enjoying it.

Actually, I'm fairly new at blogging, too. I just started in mid February, but I've "met" the most interesting people through it. Some that I consider online friends now. Feel free to explore the sites in my "Sweet and Sour Everyday Favorites"- there's some great stuff and great personalities to be found in there!

Babz said...

It feels so wrong. But also, so right. Man, you do make me confused sometimes. Such as the 'Oral Granny' picture =D

I Meljean Brook's anthology, Falling For Anthony the other day, and while it drags a bit, the whole 'fallen angel' thing is waaaay hot.

QB said...

Hey Babz! Long time no talk to! Confused? Gee, whatever do you mean? LOL!

It's funny you mentioned Meljean Brook's story in an anthology because I was thinking they reminded me of Catherine Spangler’s story in the Demon's Delight anthology!

Babz said...

Yea sorry for the MIA, I am moving back to my hometown and so me and bf were packing like crazed chickens these last 2 weeks. Thank God it's over. The next time I move somewhere, I swear to myself I will be rich enough to hire help. Or something.

Oh you naughty mama, you know you inspire dilemma with your pictures, and you love it! :D

Never heard of Catherine Spangler. Is she good? I have a lot to catch up to. Haven't read Marjorie Liu, Nalini Singh.. sigh. I'm stuck with J.D.Robb. I just started reading it a month ago and it's still calling my name! Need. To make a dent. In my TBR!

QB said...

Moving? GAK! No thanks!

Actually, the only Catherine Spangler I've read is from the Demon's Delight anthology. But that was a damn good anthology! You can read my commentary on it by going over to the far right and clicking Pâtissiers: Anthologies

And I'm glad you like my pictures as much as I do. I'll tell you a secret... It takes me hours to actually post those 3 pics every Tueday because I start looking through all my Eye Candy folders and get a bit lost to the world! LOL!

Chantal said...

Damn, girl. I'm gonna have sweet dreams tonight. You have the best man candy.

QB said...

Ah yes, sweet dreams of angels and frolicking cherubs I bet! *snicker*