Friday, May 11, 2007

Passionate Plume Awards

I just realized that, after discussing the books I was judging for the Passionate Plume Awards, I never posted the results!

If you recall, I talked about the books in my posts Who Needs a Horse? and Dilemmas and Frustrations. BTW, I decided I just couldn't spend another moment of my life reading that one honkin' bad book. I ended up just giving it a 1.2. Bad judge, no cookie. Now that Vampire Cowboys story I rated so highly? Yee-Haw! It made it to the first round (Paranormal/TT). Unfortunately, it didn't make it to the finals. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to name it yet, but really, it wouldn't be hard to figure it out

Anyway, here's the results...

The 2006 Passionate Plume First Round Results
Denise A. Agnew Treacherous Wishes
Denise A. Agnew Dangerous Intentions
Shelley Bradley Strip Search
MacKenzie McKade A Tall Dark Cowboy
Saskia Walker Double Dare

Futuristic / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Vivi Anna Inferno
Melany Logen Torc’s Salvation
Cat Marsters Almost Human
Lara Santiago The Lawman’s Wife
Jory Strong Fallon Mates: Roping Savannah

Sylvia Day ASK FOR IT
Samantha Kane The Courage To Love
Jade Lee Burning Tigress
Sharon Page Sin
Jessica Trapp Master of Desire

Nikki Alton Rodeo Man
Summer Devon Invisible Touch
Loribelle Hunt Defending Serenity
Anna Leigh Keaton Five Alarm Neightbor
Anna Leigh Keaton and Madison Layle Return To Me

Paranormal / TT
Laura Baumbach Entralled
Ann Jacobs d’Argent Honor 2: Eternally
Mechele Armstrong Blood Lines: Conduit
Cheyenne McCray Seduced By Magic
MacKenzie McKade Fallon’s Revenge

Robin L. Rotham - BIG Trouble
Julie MenschWellons - Liar, Liar
Anne Rigoulot - When Petals Fall
Jennifer Brassel - Secret Reflection
Julie Hurwitz The Amazing Sex Race

Evie Byrne Dante’s - Inferno
Lori Schaefer - The Voyage
Sandy Storm - Fossa’s Dare
Elaine M. Powell - A Lord’s Obligations
Seeley deBorn - Where The Wolf Lies

Paranormal/Time Travel
Holly Youngquist - Crime of Passion
Evie Byrne - Burn For You
Stephanie Mowery - Spell Bound
Susan Meier - Not That Innocent
Nancy Liedel - To Find A Queen

Shelli Stevens - The Captured Rose
Sher LeScott - Something More Than Sex
Adele Dubois - Dream Traveler
Lee Swift - Eternally Three: Touching Perfection

I just wish Passionate Ink had provided links or at least publisher names for each of these. Tracking them down could be a real pain-in-the-ass! And I absolutely would like to sample some of these.

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