Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back to Reality

I spent most of my 30's either preggers or changing poopie diapers. Two months before I turned 30, we had twins- a daughter and son. At age 35 we had another daughter and two months after I turned 39 we had another son. At that point, I told my husband that, if he didn't make an appointment to get snipped, I'd being using the Lorena Bobbit Home Kit. He chose wisely.

Downside of spacing the kids so far apart? It feels like we're NEVER going to retire! The older two just finished their second year of college. #3 is finishing 9th grade and #4 is finishing 5th grade. We'd love to retire when #4 starts high school, but ALL the kids protest that it wouldn't be fair if he's the only one that wouldn't get to finish school with all the kids he's known since kindergarten. Ah, guilt! So, here we stay in beautiful Ohio, the land of the grey. To be fair, we'll still be retiring early, just not as early as we'd like. But dammit, the sacrifices for our kids just go on and on and on, don't they? *rolls eyes*

Upside of spacing the kids so far apart? I can count on one hand, and still have fingers left over, the number of times my DH and I got away without our demon spawn when they were younger. But now that the oldest ones are 20 years old, my husband and I can occasionally get away from the little darlings. Actually, that's thanks to Daughter #1 because Son #1 is less responsible and mature than his 11 year old little brother (shutting up about THAT). Last year, we finally went to Vegas for a few days. This past January, we spent a weekend at the Detroit casinos and I also met up with a few of the LKH board mitten peeps.

Last night, we spent a night down at Mountaineer in WV. The slots beat us out of every penny we took (as usual), but still it was just nice for my DH and I to spend quality time together (and not worry about being quiet. *waggles eyebrows*). Then today, we took our time coming home and detoured to a few antique stores along the way.

So home again.



Ann(ie) said...

Sounds like a really fun getaway. Glad you guys got to do it. We're supposed to be doing Europe this summer.

PS my verification world was


I think your blog is trying to tell me:

Laurell K Hamilton and her dear husband did it in the loo.

QB said...

LMAO! I can't believe you got that word on an LKH fangirl's blog!!

Now see, going all the way to Europe would STILL be beyond the limits of my paranoia. Hell, our oldest daughter will be studying abroad in Rome and the Vatican this fall and, as excited as I am for her, it's kinda freakin' me out that I won't be able to get to her quickly if I need to!