Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Scoring My Next Fix Just Got Easier...

This so freakin' rocks! It's like giving a crack-ho the opportunity to score their next fix through online shopping...

The big announcement over at Dear Author is that "I always like to know what is “next” and so do many other readers. But finding out what is next and what next is about is a real challenge. In fact, it seems that we spend more time looking for books than reading them.

With the help of several other bloggers, we are launching a new venture called
Romantic Advances. Who all is involved?
Kristie J
Tara Marie

The plan is for this site to be a comprehensive database of all upcoming romance books and books with cross over appeal. The site will have covers (because we love covers) and blurbs (because the covers don’t always tell the story) and hopefully, excerpts (because that is what really sells a book).The site is in beta right now so there are bugs and weird looking pages and mis marked categories and so forth. But we wanted to open our doors and let you all take a peak to let us know what you like and don’t like. I particularly like to hear about what you don’t like so we can improve.

I know the amount of time it takes me to keep my Constant Cravings and Decadent Desires lists updated for the authors I already read, and they are doing it for ALL Romance releases! They've even included ebook releases! And since new authors and authors I've never read before mostly land on my lists because I've stumbled across a mention somewhere AFTER their release or have extra time at the bookstore to browse new releases, Romantic Advances will undoubtedly build my TBP/TBR lists exponentially!

Brava, ladies! Thank you!(I think ;P)

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