Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday Fondue

♥ Head over to read Gwen's Sybil's interview with Lora Leigh (that Gwen totally took credit for *snicker*)- Lora also answered some of the reader's questions too. You know I'm a complete Breeds addict! How that woman keeps track of all her series I cannot even imagine!

♥I'm such an idiot. I pop over to Jaci Burton's blog and she mention's that last week's winner of Free Book Friday hasn't contacted her yet. So, out of curiosity, I roll down to see who it was. Turns out it was ME!!! How the hell did I miss THAT!! Thanks Jaci! And, because I'm still pimping for her, if you haven't read Surviving Demon Island yet (which landed in my Lava Cake category), what are you waiting for? It's sequel, Hunting the Demon, will be released August 28, so you've still got a little time to catch up. And, even though (as you know) I'm not a big fan of contemporaries, her latest book, Wild, Wicked, and Wanton, is being pimped by readers all over Romancelandia so I couldn't resist picking it up last week.

And, if missing winning wasn't enough, after I emailed Jaci and heard back from her, one of the books she offered to me was Out of the Darkness (EC)which she cowrote with Charlie. Now, how the hell did I miss a werewolf/vamp/menage?! And by Jaci, no less!! Geesh, at this rate, I'm going to have to demote myself from Reader (with a capital R) down to just a reader!!

♥ I know I've not had any new blog posts for a couple of days. And I'm sure it's been quite a hardship for you to have to continue studying the Art of Photography (*snort*), but I'm trying to get ahead of some work (in addition to the normal chaos that is my life). Why? Because my husband and I are heading off for a few KID-FREE casino days up at the Seneca Casino in New York. We've never been there, but we've had several people tell us how nice it is- not Venetian in Vegas (where we stayed last year) nice, but drinks are free like in Vegas (just the $1 per drink we tip the servers), and they win often enough that it keeps it fun. Win? That'd be nice for a change, although we never take more cash than what we're willing to lose.

I've got a QB's Quickie filled up, hopefully I'll have time to fill in all the links and post it before we leave. And, since I won't be around on Tuesday, I'm hoping I'll have time to post a new Tuesday Trio, too.

♥Turns out I'm going to miss the launch of a new group author blog- The Bradford Bunch launches Sunday with freebies and contests. Annie explains who the Bradford bunch is on her blog today.

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