Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mystery Solved! I Can Now Move On With My Life!

AHA!!!! The Magic Gopher has been defeated!! I just received an email from Oleta and can now dub her...

The Second Most Smartest Person in the Known Universe and Fearless Dispeller of Gopher Magic!!

Who's the first smartest? The creator of that damn gopher, of course!!

So what's the secret? Right click and drag to highlight and read what Oleta wrote...

"I think I have figured out how this works. When you do the math the number that you come up with is some combination of 9 (i.e., 9, 18, 27, 36, 45 etc.). If you will notice that every time you do the puzzle the symbols rotate. The symbols for the combinations of 9 are all the same. So no matter what the total is answer is always some combination of 9 and all those symbols are the same."

And Annie? You KNOW I luffs you, right? You know I think you're creative, and funny, right? But math just might not be your strong suit, darlin'. That's why calculators were invented.

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