Thursday, June 28, 2007

Wild Wicked and Wanton by Jaci Burton

Jaci Burton - Wild, Wicked & Wanton

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Flame Height: 8” out of 9”

HOT, HOT, HOT!!! Three friends, a bet, and each allows herself to experience the sex she’s only fantasized about. Only they each gain so much more from their sexual adventures than they thought possible. Did I mention these stories are HOT, HOT, HOT?

The first of the three intertwined stories centers on Abby. For her last year of veterinary school, she’s been interning with established vets and best friends Seth and Mike. On the last day of her internship, they let the relationship wary Abby know that they both want her- separately or together. Can she accept what they’re offering? Goaded on by a bet with her two friends, the answer is “Oh hell yeah!”

Blair only dates men she can control. Which is why she’s never acted on the heat between her and Rand that’s been simmering for 15 years. The bet with her friends gives her no choice but to take what Rand’s been offering for so long. But Rand has no intention of playing by Blair’s rules like the rest of the wimps she’s slept with. In fact, he knows what Blair secretly craves.

Speaking of secret cravings, Callie has mourned the death of her husband for 5 years while rebuilding her life. I thought for sure that a “certain character” (don’t want to spoil) from the first story would reappear here, but Jaci just refuses to do the predictable. (Will we see him in another book, Jaci?) Jack is a high powered attorney who has started each day for the past year at Callie’s coffee shop. Their chats are the high point of the day (and the jumping off point for private fantasies) for both of them. But now it’s Callie’s turn to fulfill the terms of the bet with her friends. Will these two people from vastly different social circles find out they have much more in common than they thought?

Jaci doesn’t insult the reader’s intelligence, which, if you’ve read a lot of erotic romance, you KNOW what I’m talking about. The three friends don’t hook up and instantly fall in love with complete strangers, they take the seeds of existing relationships and coax them to full burning bloom. They are believable and they don’t all end with a perfectly neat and tidy HEA, but they DO all end with happiness and hope for the future. In a way, Jaci has written retro stories but has added contemporary heat and situations to them. And keep in mind that I’m not even much of a straight contemporary story fan so you KNOW this must be good stuff!
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Chantal said...

I want to read this. Every review I have read has been steller.

QB said...

That's exactly why I ended up buying it- it kept popping up all over Romancelandia as a must-read, plus it flat out sounded sizzlin' (and it was- on both counts)

Gwen said...

I like how Jaci dealt with certain "alternatives" in an adult manner. They weren't mere titillation (though they were titillating). It was a true adult-style book. I liked that.

QB said...

Yes, exactly, Gwen. For instance, Callie and Jack's "kink" isn't one that appeals to me personally, but Jaci wrote the characters in such a way that it didn't matter if we shared their particular craving. What mattered was that we cared about the characters and their relationship and THAT is what allowed us to feel their heat.