Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I'm Here and Gone

We got back from the casino with about 5 minutes to spare before the bus arrived at the school to drop the kids off from 6th grade camp. We had a fan-freakin-tastic time and even managed to win! WOO to the HOO!

Now, I should be planning and packing what I'm taking to RAW tomorrow. Right this second, I'm leaning toward saying "Fuck it!" and not going. Is it really worth all the hassle just for a bag o' books and a chance to say hello to a few authors who won't have a clue whether I meet them or not?

If it was closer, I'd say "Yes", but when I programmed the motel into my Mom-Mobile's navigation system this afternoon, it said it would take 6 hours and 22 minutes to get there. I am soooo not looking forward to the drive!!

Plus, I was hoping to discover more RAW attendees other than those over on Lora Leigh's board. I even joined JR Ward's board trying to find them, but of the few on JR Ward's board, most are also members of Lora Leigh's board, too. Since I am not part of the tight-knit Lora Leigh board group, nor am I an author, I STILL won't know anyone.

What I can't figure out is this-- there are 120 attendees registered for the whole weekend (not counting authors), and the Saturday 80's Party brings the number of attendees up to 200 (or is that 200 MORE?). Only maybe a couple of dozen post on the RAW Yahoo group. Where is everyone else? Am I the only one going solo? Or at least NOT meeting friends there?

Ah well, one way or another, I'll probably be posting here tomorrow night. Either from RAW because I decide I might enjoy myself anyhow (doubtful right now), or from home because I said "Fuck 'em" "Fuck it"

ADDED: I just realized what the problem is. If I ask myself "Will you regret it if you DON'T go?", my answer is PROBABLY. If I ask myself "Will you regret it if you DO go?", the best I can come up with is POSSIBLY. There's just no clear cut winner there, is there?


Ann Aguirre said...

So are you going or what?

I'm a big chicken; I'd never have gone to National if Carrie hadn't said she'd go and be my roommate. Likewise I wouldn't be going to RT if I didn't have friends who would be there.

QB said...

Well, I'm here.

I spent yesterday figuring out my costumes, doing laundry and running errands. By the time I actually left, it was 6PM so I didn't roll into Grayson until well after midnight. I'm beat. It's now 1:50 PM and I just got around to taking a shower. Good thing I thought to drive through MacDonald's last night to grab a fruit & walnut salad to eat this morning for breakfast.

I was a freakin' nervous wreck on the drive. The furthest I've ever driven by myself was 3 hours and that was on roads I know. Did I mention I'm a complete freeway wimp?

Jade said...

I really hope you have a good time Bev. I think you will. I wish I could be there. I'm actually pretty sick this weekend so it's probably better that I'm not spreading my germs around to everyone.

QB said...

Oh No! I hope you feel better soon, Jade.