Saturday, September 22, 2007

QB's Aural Quickies

"So, HEARD any good books lately?"
"What did you think of...?"

Here's the Quickie answers to those questions. Click on the Links for more info.

Karen Marie Moning - Highlander series - unabridged audio books

1. Beyond the Highland Mist, narrated by Phil Gigante
2. To Tame a Highland Warrior (09/20/2007 audio release)
3. The Highlander's Touch (11/20/2007 audio release)
4. Kiss of the Highlander (01/20/2008 audio release)
5. The Dark Highlander
6. The Immortal Highlander
7. Spell of the Highlander
8. Into the Dreaming (novella)

Category: Lava Cake - reads like warm Chocolate Lava Cake... à la Mode... sprinkled with nuts (A,A-)
Flame Height: 6" out of 9"

It's been so many years since I read this book, that with the exception of the fae fool, Adam Black, and Aoibheal (pronounced Ah-VEEL), the fae queen, (who reappear in subsequent Highlander stories) this might as well have been a new release. Yes, the story has a few flaws that stretch credibility, but just go with 'em, okay? It's a swoon worthy Highland/Time Travel/Fantasy Romance.

And Phil Gigante's narration? Oh my! He does such a good job with the female voices that I was quickly no longer aware that the narrator was a man. And what he does for the male voices... *sigh*... his Scottish brogues gave me aural eargasm after eargasm!
Piquant Opines
(print version): RT (4.5 stars; Reviewer's Choice- Best Historical Time Travel; "Favorite Romances of All Time" selection),

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