Sunday, September 30, 2007

STICKY: Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward

J.R. Ward - Black Dagger Brotherhood

1. Dark Lover - Wrath and Beth
2. Lover Eternal - Rhage and Mary
3. Lover Awakened - Zsadist and Bella
4. Lover Revealed - Butch and Marissa, Butch and V (see previous commentary)
5. Lover Unbound - Vishous and Jane, Butch and V

Series Category: Peanut M&Ms - mmmm...devour... sigh... then reach for the next one. My daily dose of Insanity-B-Gone. Most books I read fall in this category. (A-,B+,B)
Flame Height: 6” out of 9”

I'm going to do something completely different. Yeah, I could post a commentary about what I did or did not like about this book, and you better believe that I have a LOT to say about it! But it's so controversial that a discussion would be far more interesting. So, head over to The Good, the Bad and the Unread. Gwen has posted her review of Lover Unbound and there is a discussion already in progress over there. Jump on in and post your opinions about the book. Do you disagree or agree with other opinions?


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Tempest Knight said...

I can't wait to read Vishious's story! *wg*

QB said...

Tempest, get to it before every damn word of the book gets spoiled for you! This thing has tongues a wagging all over the place!

Seriously, I don't think there is any effective way to review this book without spoiling it.

Chantal said...


I'm at the part where V took away her memories and made her think she has had the flu all weekend.
I almost started crying *sob*
Good book so far.

QB said...

Hee-Hee. Just wait.

Chantal said...

I'm done. omg. I cant even talk about it right now.

QB said...


That moment of silence is usually followed by...

What the fuck was that?!

Chantal said...

Yeah, that pretty much sums it all up for me.
what the fuck?!

Chantal said...

That ending. fuck. It ruined the etire book. It was so damn good, and then....augh!

I just heard via LL forum that Ward posted something about her reasons for the ending on the JR Ward boards.
I don;t care to weed through all the sucking up ass kissing that %99 of the posters do at those Ward boards. It's rather sickening.

QB said...

I just went over and read it. Basically, she says she was as surprised as we were.

um... okaaaaaay.

One thing's for sure, you have to give her credit for making sure these books don't have a standard formula!

Chantal said...

Oh, I get it. One of those things where she says the Charactor told her to do it, right?

*eye roll*

You are right about the standard formula, thats for sure. Her Hero's are as sexy as sin, romantic, loving, etc. The books could be so perfect if she dropped the damn surprises.

I will read Phury's book, and John's book. I don't care of Rehv, Payne, that creepy Xhex, etc.

jade_kristen said...

I have read all of J.R. Ward's BDB books so far... but based on the reviews and the controversy I don't think I will be picking up this one anytime soon. It sounds like another cop out to me.
I don't like what she did with Butch and Vishous, I felt like she started something between them and then copped out and never gave it a chance to grow. She did what was expected and gave them a little woman to keep them happy and continue with status quo. I also agree that I totally skip over everything written from the lesser's point of view. I don't want to sympathize with them. I don't want to know what their background is and what drove them to become evil. I don't have any desire to care about their lives before or after they became lesser. I just want them to be the bad guys, be evil and devious, and continue to get their asses kicked in new and spectacular ways in every book.
I have actually liked the books for the most part. Zsadist's book has been my favorite, he had bite to him and he kept me interested, he was also sexy scars and all.
Vishous has never been my favorite character, I think I would have liked him much better had he and Butch explored things further, but I was left feeling ripped off by those two. I am very much looking forward to Phury's book and John's. I think by skipping this book I will preserve my opinion of the series but I seem to be missing out on a bunch of new characters. I plan to eventually read the book but not until after I've read Phury's book. I am not so anal that I have to read the books in order, but I'm just anal enough that once I start a series I feel the need to read all the books if I intend to continue with the series. I can't skip a book altogether, but I can put it off till later. I don't like feeling like I have missed out on a big storyline. But in this case the storyline can wait. I don't want to end up disliking it so much that I don't want to continue reading the series.

jade_kristen said...

wow that was way longer than I thought... Sorry. LOL.

Chantal said...

Good post Jade.

As unhappy as I am about this book, I want more more more BDB. Go figure.

QB said...

Jade, I was hoping for a Butch/V scene too, but also figured it would never happen. Instead, I thought for sure she would give us a Butch/Marissa/V scene.

Now, In LU, it is explained that Butch is the 1st person V was ever really close to and his feelings got a bit intense. However, I think in LU Butch was a little too accepting and cool with it all. So the explanation rang true, but Butch being so insightful and okay about it did NOT ring true. You feel me? *snort*

And, honestly, I posted over on TGTBTU that LU is growing on me as time goes on. Katiebabs called it the WTF? book, and I probably will always think of it that way, but on the other hand "if you look at the series in it’s entirety, somehow it just fits. Go ahead and TRY to explain this series to someone that’s never heard of it. Go ahead. Because by the time you finish, saying “and the latest book had *spoiler deleted*” well, it just seems to add one more reason why this series is so damn popular, doesn’t it?

Ya gotta admit, we sure as hell have NEVER read anything like it before, have we?"