Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday Trio

Since I spend so much time talking about the books that have given me such mental enjoyment, I thought I should further expand my mind through the Art of Photography. So every Tuesday I will present a trio of studies of the human anatomy.

What? Why, yes! You're absolutely right. How astutely observant you are! They DO all happen to be the study of the MALE human anatomy. And your point would be...?

The subject of this week's study is inspired by the release of J.R. Ward's latest Black Dagger Brotherhood book, Lover Unbound and, because I've slacked off with my Tuesday Trios lately, you get a buttload gallery full of bonus art to study...


Chantal said...

I want to lick them all over. I need to call my DH home right now so I can jump him.

I swear, girls are bigger perverts than guys are.

jade_kristen said...

Mmmm Bev I'll take bachelor number two. He's just my type. You outdid yourself this week!! Yummmmy!

QB said...

Chantal! Stop that! I don't think computer screens are slobber proof!

Jade, I actually had a helluva time narrowing it down to just those pics! I've got more pics in my EyeCandy/Warriors folder that also could have worked! And I imagine I could probably find more than a few more if I put my mind to it!

Never underestimate a pervy old broad on a mission! ;D