Friday, March 16, 2007

Bits and Pieces

♥Have you started Keri Arthur's Riley Jenson Guardian series yet? I bought the first one, Full Moon Rising (12/26/2006), as a downloaded audio book from The narrator, Justine Eyre, really brought Riley and most of the other characters alive with her Aussie accent (except her Quinn voice just didn't work for me). So I've been waiting for Book 2, Kissing Sin (01/31/2007), to be released on audio because I enjoyed FMR so much in that format. Well now Book 3, Tempting Evil (02/27/2007), is out and Book 4, Dangerous Games (03/27/2007), will soon be out, but still no audio books. So I emailed Keri last night and received her answer this morning:
"HI Bev
so far, no mention has been made of bringing the rest of the books out in audio. I'm hoping that they will eventually, but I just don't know yet. As soon as I do know anything, I'll put it up on my site, as there are lots of other people who'd like audio too :)
First of all, how responsive is she?? Way cool! But DAMN, I just can't wait indefinitely to find out what happens next!! Look at how quick she is releasing the books!! So I'm going to go ahead and add all of them to my "Constant Cravings" list. I do wonder, however, why Book 5, Embraced by Darkness (07/31/2007), doesn't come out until July.

♥Speaking of audio books... where the hell are they??? There just doesn't seem to be too many good ones being released through either or the past couple of months!! It seems like there is mostly self-help and radio shows being released. What's up with that??!!

♥I just got word that I'm going to REALLY enjoy the preview of The Harlequin (06/05/2007) that is in the back of the paperback release (03/27/07) of Danse Macabre by Laurell K. Hamilton. I won an ebay charity auction about 1.5 years ago to have my name used in a future Anita Blake book. I knew Laurell was probably going to make me a corpse but that was all I knew. I wasn't even sure if she'd work my name into this particular book. So all I really know right now, since I haven't read it yet, is that the preview mentions my name and that my character was killed by a vampire. I imagine I'll be doing a happy dance when I get it and again when The Harlequin is released.

I probably should be a bit nervous, too. When I finish one of Laurell's books, it takes me a while to wrap my head around the fact that I cannot go to St. Louis and catch up with these people... er... characters! Now, with "me" in the book, my hold on reality may get seriously compromised!!!

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