Thursday, March 8, 2007

*Fangirl Scream*

OMG! OMG! OMG! Click this link--> It's Donnie on a cover! I just added "Wicked Angels" and it's prequel, "Dark Rapture" to my "Constant Cravings" list.

I know, I know... how shallow is it that I'm buying these books based on that cover??!! But I'm sure Michele Hauf won't mind a bit if that's how I "discover" her work! Based on the synopsis, I'm looking forward to reading them!

But this is Donovan Lewis!! He's the lead dancer for Thunder from Down Under at the Excalibur in Vegas. More importantly, he is who I picture as Jean Claude in my head when I'm reading an LKH Anita Blake book.
And as I just commented on Michele's board... How's this for Karma...
Maryjanice Davidson posted on the LKH board about her new anthology "Demon's Delight". So I went to MJD's blog to check it out where she gives the link for her interview on Riding with the top down, who has a picture of the cover of "Wicked Angels" up and the link to Michele Hauf's blog (above) which I clicked for more info and copied the cover pic of Donnie and posted it over the LKH board!

See? What goes around, comes around!

More Donnie...

Don't think Jean Claude looks like Donnie? HAH!!! I give you proof...

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